Monday, June 27, 2011

127. Bidor Tin Ingot

image 1: bidor ingots in 2 different sizes
image 2: comparison of size with a 10 sen coin

image 3: the hairpin end

image 4: the spiral end

image 4: the little brother

     Just bought these two Perak Tin Ingots from a local dealer. Apparently he do not know what are these. And I bought two of these for only RM5.

    He claimed that these were sold to him by an illegal sea divers a long time ago, and no one seems interested in them.

      Made of tin, I myself do not have much information about these items. Saran Singh did not published any reference about this hairpin type tin ingot.

    Whether these ingots were ever been used for currency or not, is still unclear.


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