Wednesday, June 22, 2011

125. Malaysia 20 sen 1970

image 1: obverse and reverse of the coin

image 2: close up image

   Another keydate coin of Malaysia. With official population of only 1.054million, I bet that you need some real luck in finding this coin among your loose coins.

  Is this a die variety of 1970 20 sen coin? I notice that the G.C designer's initial is missing. My other pieces, which are circulated, show quite obvious designer's initial. Upon further investigation, I think I can see a part of "G' there, can you see it?


nuchatter said...

Wow nice specimen!
Tiny GC can be clogged up easily and categorising it as a variety can be interesting for some.

mnfaj said...

Thank you nu,
Clogged up? Did you meant, minor filled die error? I thought about it too. Perhaps this is an uncirculated specimen of a late strike batch? I am not sure, does anyone have an UNC one with G.C clearly visible?

Anonymous said...

Nice one here, mnfaj.
These are getting tough to find in circulation.
Keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

hi mnfaj,

I have 3 pieces of 1970's 20 sen in UNC condition.
Funny thing is all these coin were minted without G.C.
When I checked other circulated 1970's 20sen, some minted with G.C.
So I was also thinking the possible cause of late strike batch.
But which one is normal coin and which one is die variety?
Can someone enlighten on this issue?

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