Sunday, June 12, 2011

120. Malaysia 10 SEN 1994 Semi Keydate

image 1: obverse and reverse of the coin

     Another semi keydate coin. Collecting semi keydate coin is a good way to start collecting. It requires only checkings through your loose coins, and sometime cracking your piggy bank.

    This coin was given to me by my junior, Aini Yusnira. I did not expect her to remember what years are to be collected, but still she manage to find one.

    She asked me why do I want this coin? The reason I want this coin is because this coin is hard to get. It is as simple as that. The degree of rarity of coins usually is being termed with words such as scarce, rare or unique. This is because the mintage of 1994 10 sen coins is only about 7millions, whereas the highest mintage of 10 sen coin is about 132million of year 1990 and 32million for year 1989.

   I hope I will receive more keydate coins from my fellow friend, perhaps a 1971 10 cent! Who knows?


Anonymous said...

Hi mnfaj,
We have yet to find a 1994 10sen with luster.
Those found are mainly with pale surface.
Wonder why these key dates are like that?
By the way, congrats.
Even specimen like this you've is quite hard to come by, nowadays :)

Dickson Niew said...

Dear mnfaj,
You are lucky again!
It's getting tougher to find an UNC piece.
My friend is paying RM10.00 for a piece of 1994 10 Cents in this condition in Seremban last week.Current market price,
1994 20 Cents:

mnfaj said...

Hi whycollect,
Yes, luster of coins is my new addiction now. Now I know why other collectors pursue after coins with luster. Yes 1994 coins of 10sen and 20sen quite hard to come by nowadays, better hurry! :)

mnfaj said...

Hi Mr Dickson,
Thanks. It seems theres a lot of way to acquire these keydates coins, by networking! haha.
Wow thats quite expensive! I am looking for a BU one.

Anonymous said...

I have error 20sen coin but I don't know how to value it.


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