Saturday, June 4, 2011

110. Malaysia 5 sen 1997 Semi Key-date Coin

image 1: obverse and reverse of the coin

    I was having my lunch at McDonalds today. The order was a large set of Big N' Tasty. Being an environmental friendly person, I just love green and a Coca-Cola "Can" glass of green color lured me to add an icecream so that I can have that glass. The total amount was RM14.95 so I handed RM15 to the cashier. She returned back my balance of 5 sen. To her, the 5 sen is a mere 5 sen worth piece of metal, but to me, in a collector perspective, the 5 sen worths ... at least 50sen. So did I just having a McDonald Lunch Set at a lower price?

    Actually, this 5 Sen coin dated 1997 is a semi key-date coin for Malaysia Bunga Raya Series. About 7million had been minted, and the 7million is quite low compared to 83million of year 1994, the highest mintage, and 20million of year 1989, the second lowest mintage. So, this coin is just a little bit harder to get compared to her other siblings.

    Happy coins-checking!


Anonymous said...

Hi mnfaj,
Congratulations, you've got yourself a good deal, haha.
Remembered, Dickson too mentioned about this 5sen with a key date.
As for you, what's more can you expect?
Getting two for the price of one, i.e. a key date 5sen and the last of the coca-cola glass series plus a nice sumptuous meal of burger-fries-icecream-drinks, haha.
Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful experience, mnfaj :)

Anonymous said...

Mungkin rezeki saya ada 86 keping syiling 5 sen 1997 ni dan boleh dikatakan suku daripadanya dalam kondisi BU.

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