Thursday, May 31, 2012

DDV of Malaysia Coins

Officially return from long hiatus, holiday and honeymoon. :)

Just a short post to echo what blogger whycollect had posted some weeks ago.

Varieties create excitement in numismatic."

I had to be in complete agreement with him that varieties brings excitements to the collectors. I still remember the first time I discovered a DDR of 50 sen 2009 a year ago - one of my most pleasant moment in my collecting journey. =D

Among all DDV coins of Malaysia, my favourite still with this little cutey that I adopted from her biological father, blogger depankanta. =D

So here I share what I collect through out my absence. 

Figure 1: Three specimens of DDO 5 sen 2009

Figure 2: Reverse of a toned DDR 20 sen 2008

Figure 3: Reverse of a DDR 50 sen 2009 A

Figure 3: Reverse of a DDR 50 sen 2009 B

Poor that 20 sen DDR, of all 20 sen available, why you were the one chosen to be toned? Remind me of a damaged similar coin belongs to blogger whycollect. :-)

Most of these DD coins are still can be found among circulation coins - provided that you are aware of them and a little bit of luck.Who knows you can catch a UNC one?

DDV = Double Die Variety