Sunday, November 7, 2010

41. Collecting Terminology - KEY DATE

"Coins that are considered scarce due to low mintage or low surviving specimens for that date (and possibly mint mark). Prices are higher on scarce issues, and they are harder to find."

     Quote above is self-explanatory. Key date coins is a must for every collector especially for those who are into coins. It's a real please if you can complete a series with their respective keys. Even our current circulating coins (in your pocket!) has its own key dates.

    I don't know about other collectors, but every coins that fell into my hands were never had a chance to escape my strict checking. What if I stumble upon a 10 cent 1971? Absolutely it will be among the happiest day in my collecting life. 

   Why key date coins worth more than ordinary coins? The most obvious reason is that they are simply limited in number compared to other dates, hence harder to be found. Let say you have a 200 pieces of Malaysia 50 Sen, if you are lucky enough, maybe you will found only one Malaysia 50 Sen dated 1995. Try it if you don't believe me.

    Get excited? Okay this is the list for you to look for in your coins. If you are not a collector, but happen to have these coins, do inform me so that I can publish it (with the photo and your name in it) in my blog. Cheers!

1.  50 Sen Malaysia - 1969, 1995
2. 20 Sen Malaysia - 1970, 1978, 1994
3. 10 Sen Malaysia - 1971, 1994, 2003

footnote: I will update later a proper table for list of key dates coins.

Appendix: photo of some of my recently discovered key date coins.


Anonymous said...

Hi mnfaj,
Great finds.
We did too except for the 10sen 1971.
Tried for many years but no luck.
Until finally resorted to purchasing it from a coin dealer.
Felt the pinch then.
45 bucks for a BU specimen.
Now looking back.
It's worth every sen we paid for...LOL.
Thanks for sharing.

mnfaj said...

Thank you whycollect for dropping by.
Yes, now also I am saving to buy a 1971 10 cent from dealer. Apparently the price has skyrocketed to around RM250. That is quite worrying for me as it could go up higher in any time.

Anonymous said...

Hi mnfaj,
Haha, guess it's normal for you to feel a little anxious.
It happened to us too.
Spent years searching for this elusive '71 10sen but not successful.
So finally decided to buy it from the dealer.
Guess prices for scare items like this seldom come down.
Happy collecting.

stamps_coin_banknote of Nepal said...

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shamlan said...

Already in my hand for all the coins except 50 cent 1969 and 10 sen 1971

mnfaj said...

whycollect: Thanks. I think in the not too distant time surely I will bought myself a BU condition 71 10 cent.

Laxmi: Thanks for visiting my blog. Do you have email or website for communicating? Looking forward to make connection with you. :)

shamlan: Congratulations, so it seems that you only need the last two most important keys to complete your collection. said...

Thanks for your info, very informative.
i only kept:

20sen - 1970 = 6 units
20sen - 1978 = 2 units

10sen - 1994 = 10 units
10sen - 2003 = 11 units

50sen - 1969 = 1 unit
50sen - 1979 = 1 unit
50sen - 1995 = 3 unit

10sen - 1971 = 0 hahaha

mnfaj said...,
Your collection is good, I only keep one of those key-date coins as my collection.

LeeJB said...

Good article for a newbie like me. As soon I read your list, I discovered that I own 9 pieces of 1969 50cent.

mnfaj said...

Hi LeeJB,
Thank you. Wow 9 pieces of 1969 50cent coins is not easy to come by, even for a collector. Congratulations and keep it up! :D

fakkahqarsh said...

hai mnfaj..
satu koleksi yg menarik..
fakkahqarsh baru mula mengumpul hampir 7 bulan dan hanya baru berjaya mengumpul :

10sen - 1971 = 1 unit
10sen - 1994 = 10 units
10sen - 2003 = 35 units

20sen - 1970 = 4 units
20sen - 1971 = 13 units
20sen - 1978 = 13 units

50sen - 1969 = 1 unit
50sen - 1979 = 12 unit
50sen - 1995 = 5 unit

dan yg penting kumpul sendiri,x beli..sapa berminat bleh call 013-4717178

mnfaj said...

Hi fakkahqarsh,
Tahniah. Gembira saya melihat ada pelawat blog saya yang begitu bersemangat dan minat mengenai syiling. Nampaknya saya tidak berseorangan! :D

Sugar Coated Candyman said...

Counterfeits just killed my mood for tin coins. Thank you for this post. Cheered me up a little bit. Got a piece of 1969 50sen and a piece of 1970 20sen. Haven't checked my 10sens.

mnfaj said...

Hi Sugar Coated Candyman,
Don't let counterfeits killed your mood for tin coins! The existence of counterfeits proves that tin coins are much more interesting than other niche of coins. It is just a matter of knowledge you possesed in order to safeguard you from becoming the victim of the counterfeiting scams. So take it slow.. and steady. Happy collecting!

Rahmat Selamat said...

nice post admin~~=)
i wonder anyone have seen RM1 counterfeit coin,,?
coz i own one 1993 RM1 coin,bt some of my frens said it's a fake coin..><

mnfaj said...

Hi Rahmat Selamat,
Thank you for dropping by.
In fact, the main reason RM1 coins was demonetised is due to counterfeiting of those coins. Too many were counterfeited. Most of the fake coins has concentric lines on the surface of the coin. So most probably your coin is a fake one.

Drifter Herbert said...

i saw light "rings of fire" markings on the coin it's definitely counterfeit?

mnfaj said...

Hi Drifter Herbert,
The "rings of fire" is the most obvious sign of a counterfeited coin.

emeraldz said...

Last night I just "scanned" about 1600 piece of 10 cent coins..

Only Manage to found :-

2003 = 3 nos

1971 = 0

1982 Die Crack = 1

and that's all about it...quite frustrating since no 1971 but still fun... :-)

Kwan said...


I have

10cents = 2003 x 2pc
50cents = 1967 x 1pc, 1968 x 1pc, 1995 x 2pc
RM 1 = 1981 x 1pc

not sure if 50cents 1979 and 5cents 1976 part of rare coins?

Anonymous said...

saya ada 50 sen 1995 yg kedudukan wau arah pukul 9

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