Saturday, February 26, 2011

66. Patani - Kelantan Pitis Coin

image 1: obverse and reverse of the coin

image 2: colored version of the coin

image 3: inscription on the coin

      I am currently searching for information regarding this coin. I think this is an unlisted coin in my reference, in case you have any information about this coin, you can contact me so that I can publish it in this post.

     By the way, I had tried deciphering the inscriptions on this coin, the only coin that look similar to this coin is SS68. But this coin obviously do not have the word belanja and raja on it. The green colored inscription on the second image is " ini pitis patani" which means "This is the currency of Patani". The yellow one are currently unidentified, especially right after the purple colored. And lastly the purple colored are numbers in Arabic, which is 12. At first I thought it it 112, but later when I compared it with SS68, it is an alphabet of alif, instead of waheed (one). Both alif and waheed are quite similar. Could it be a date? or 12 pitis or something?

Friday, February 25, 2011

65. Terengganu Coin SS29

image 1: obverse and reverse of the coin

image 2: colored version of the coin

image 3: reference from SS

Country of Origin: Terengganu (Now a state, part of Malaysia)
Date: -
Denomination: Satu Keping / Satu Pitis
Weight: 2.75 g (average)
Edge: Plain
Dimension: Diameter of 22mm - 23.5
Composition: Tin
Population: Unknown
Reference: SS29
Mint: Unknown
Category: -
Extra Note: On obverse, in Jawi,  " Malik Al Adil" , The Just Ruler within a toothed border. Rarity level by Saran Singh is RR out of RRRR, probably means very rare.

Recently I got a lot of new and interesting Terengganu coins. Some of them are even unlisted in my reference! Among those coins, not many are having condition like this one. Almost third of it are blank coins. Actually they are not blank coins but they do look like so due to excessive corrosion of its surfaces.

One thing I notice about native coins is that, they are notorious with errors and varieties. In this post, you can compare 3 different specimens. The first specimen in the third image (SS reference) is the normal coin, whereas the second specimen in the third image is having hole, due to incomplete tin flow during its manufacturing process. And lastly my specimen here is having a very obvious bar inside the inscription. Quite similar with Johor's katun bar type. Interesting isn't? Wondering if the bar serves any purposes.

Here I attach another sample belongs to Ahmad Fyrose Adnan. 

image 4: another specimen, collection of Ahmad Fyrose Adnan

Thursday, February 17, 2011

64. Coins and Banknotes Collecting, Spotted!

image 1: photo captured by Kak Hasnida, property of her blog.
       I think this is maybe the first time my collection or my story is being published in others' media. Hehe quite glad and happy. A big thank you to Kak Hasnida for writing an entry about my collection, it really does drive a significant traffic to my blog!

     Bored of banknotes and coins, go check out her website and don't drool over her super cute lil Humaira. ^^


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

63. China Cash Merchant Coin? Help me with identification!

image 1: reverse and obverse of the coin

    This coin was found together with Terengganu tin coins. I failed to get any information regarding this coin on the internet. Some of this Chinese coins were found still intact together. Can anyone help me to identify this coin?

   For some reading maybe you can visit this link.

    This is information that I obtained from here. Credit to bonden.

This Zheng He Tong Bao has interesting calligraphy that is both dynamic and heavily stylized. The flat part of the coin is cast so thin that holes appeared in the manufacturing proces, and I feel I could poke through anywhere with a needle. Note the elegant points on the center square on the reverse side. Sunk under water in Java, this coin corroded badly at the rim but hardly at all on the faces.

Does that ring any bell? And I still do not sure the composition of this coin.

Diameter: 24mm
Year: 1111 - 1118
Era: Northern Song, Zheng He Tong Bao 
Types: China Cash Coins

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

62. Malaya and British Borneo 20 Cents 1961H Error - Clipped Planchet

image 1: the reverse and obverse of the coin
image 2: side view of the clipped part of the coin

Origin: Malaya and British Borneo
Date: 1961
Denomination: 20 Cents
Error Type: Clipped Planchet at 1 o'clock on reverse

        Just discovered this lovely error coin inside my friend's album. Eventhough his collection is small, but I am quite amazed to see a 1 Dollar of Straits Settlements 1907H in his possesion. And luckily I recheck his collection again, and to my suprise I found this clipped planchet error coin. I think this is quite scarce, because I haven't seen yet any clipped planchet error coins being offered for sale online and by dealers.

Monday, February 14, 2011

61. Result of the Contest!

Sorry for the late update! -_-'

Okay congratulations for all winners and a big thank you from me for participating.^^

Take note that the second, third and fourth winner are being determined by lucky draw. And I have add an additional prize (fifth prize!) and addition to the replacement notes prize.

First Winner: Mr. Daniel Mendea from Romania
Second Winner:
Third Winner: Mr Sabri  from Malaysia
Fourth Winner: Nasrudin Mohamed from Malaysia
Fifth Winner: Nabila Hafiza from Malaysia

These are the prizes! To all the winners can you contact me and give me your list of  prizes in number? The first winner can choose any of these prizes, while the second, third, fourth and fifth winners need to come out with your list of prefered prizes. I don't know you get what I meant, but I hope you understand my poor english.

This is an example of what you need to do. For example, for the second winner, 1-3-2-4-5, which means that you are preferring the first prize, if unavailable (first winner already took it), then you prefer the third prize, and so on.

I can be contacted by comment form in this post or by email

1) Malaysia Modern Coinage - A set of security-edged Malaysia 50 Sen coins (circulated condition, 3 pieces -1967,1968,1969)
image 1: obverse of prize 1

image 2: reverse of prize 1
 2) Malaysia Sultanate Coinage - A Malik Al Adil coin from 17th century

image 3: obverse of prize 2

image 4: reverse of prize 2

3) Malaysia Replacement Banknote - a set of ZA, ZC and ZAB RM1 Malaysia banknote (all in UNC condition)

image 5: ZA note

image 6: ZC note

image 7: ZAB note
4) Malaysia Modern Banknote - a pair of first prefix RM5 banknotes (BA -gVF and CA -aUNC, solely my opinion)

image 8: obverse of prize D
image 9: reverse of prize D

5) Special Prize! STICKY CANDY!

image 10:

Later when I have receive feedbacks from all winners, I will post those prizes and show it here in my blog. Thanks again!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

60. 60th Post and a Contest

Okay, I got nothing to do now. Posting another entry is not quite appropriate as I just post an entry about my collection just 3 hours go, hehe. Thus, I am decided to do my first contest of this blog. Hope this can drive new readers to this blog.

The contest is so simple. Even non-collectors can answer those question, with the help of Mr. Google of course.

How to win? Just answer 3 questions provided below in the comment form. Those without Google/Yahoo/Blogspot account, please provide your email address in the comment form just in case you won the contest and nobody out there can snatch out your prizes.

Winners of this contest are chosen by 2 methods. The first winner is the first person who answer accurately in the comment form. The second method is executed if the number of contesters are more than five (5). In this second method, the first person who answer correctly is still the winner, the next winners are determined by lucky draw. If the number of contesters is more than nine (9), there will be four (4) winners (which only 3 will be determined by lucky draw). Between six and nine contesters, only three (3) winners. Maximum number of winners is four (4).

The prizes are categorized in 4 categories. The first winner can choose one prize among the four given by me, followed by the second winner, the third winner and lastly fourth winner, if there's any. Prizes will be sent to winners by post (PosEkspress to Malaysians and Registered Mail to non-Malaysian).The prizes are as below:

1) Malaysia Modern Coinage - A set of security-edged Malaysia 50 Sen coins (circulated condition, 3 pieces -1967,1968,1969)
2) Malaysia Sultanate Coinage - A Kali-Malik Al Adil coin from 17th century - browse through my posts!
3) Malaysia Replacement Banknote - a pair of ZA and ZC RM1 Malaysia banknote (both UNC)
4) Malaysia Modern Banknote - a pair of first prefix RM5 banknotes (BA -gVF and CA -aUNC)

Images of those prizes will be uploaded later, when I had them prepared.

All are eligible to join this contest. Even collectors friends from other countries can join this contest, I am looking forward to post these prizes to oversea!, as I haven't had the chance to do so before. :)

One more thing, to make this easy contest easier, heheh, I will provide one hint for each 6 hours starting from 6 a.m tomorrow of maximum of 4 hints.

I think that's all, do tell me if I'm missing something.


Question 1
1. Where can we find this man?

Question 2
2. What is the similarity of these 2 pictures?

Question 3
3. Where can we find this symbol and what is the function of this symbol?






Monday, February 7, 2011

59. Terengganu Tin Coins Sultan Baginda Omar 1849

image 1: obverse of coin A

image 2: reverse of coin A

image 3: obverse of coin B

image 4: reverse of coin B

Country of Origin: Terengganu (Now a state, part of Malaysia)
Date: 1849
Denomination: Satu Keping / Satu Pitis
Weight: 1.62g
Edge: Plain
Dimension: Diameter of 22mm
Composition: Tin
Population: Unknown
Reference: SS12, P/94
Mint: Unknown
Category: -
Extra Note: On obverse, in Jawi,  " Duriba fi Tarkanu Sanat 1265", (Struck in Terengganu in year 1265 AH = 1849 ). The inscription is incused. Rarity level by Saran Singh is RR out of RRRR, probably means very rare.

    Again, my collection of Terengganu coins. I guess not many coins are having incused inscription, which makes this series quite unique. At first I want to let go one of these coins, but I changed my mind as one of it is an error coin.

   Saran Singh had translated the inscription on this coin as Duriba fi Tarkanu. As someone who can read and write a little in Jawi, unfortunately I cannot find the letter ba that brings the third syllables in the word Duriba. The letter ba should be look like this. ""

image 5: reference from Saran Singh
image 6: reconstructed inscription on coin A. The word sanat cannot be traced.

image 7: reconstructed inscription on coin B, part of word sanat can be traced. This is a huge off-strike error coin. The dot-dot line shows where the edge of the coin should be.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

58. Straits Settlements Ten Cents Emergency Notes 1917-1920 Acting Treasurer

image 1: obverse

image 2: reverse

image 3: sign of Acting Treasurer, H. Marriott

image 4: sign of Treasurer, A.M. Pountney

Country of Origin: Straits Settlements
Denomination: Ten Cents
Prefixes: E/1 96883
Dimension: 118mm x 74mm
Reference: Pick .6c
Category: Emergency Issue Notes
Date: Unknown 
Sign(s): Acting Treasurer of Straits Settlements, H. Mariott
Watermark(s): None
Design & Print: Government Survey Office, Kuala Lumpur, Federated of Malay States
Extra Note: Printed on cardboard paper

      Splitted in two, and even the date at the back of the note is not visible make this note in poor condition. Wishing for a better grade note, UNC? Well prepare at least RM2k and maybe you can get one.