Tuesday, February 8, 2011

60. 60th Post and a Contest

Okay, I got nothing to do now. Posting another entry is not quite appropriate as I just post an entry about my collection just 3 hours go, hehe. Thus, I am decided to do my first contest of this blog. Hope this can drive new readers to this blog.

The contest is so simple. Even non-collectors can answer those question, with the help of Mr. Google of course.

How to win? Just answer 3 questions provided below in the comment form. Those without Google/Yahoo/Blogspot account, please provide your email address in the comment form just in case you won the contest and nobody out there can snatch out your prizes.

Winners of this contest are chosen by 2 methods. The first winner is the first person who answer accurately in the comment form. The second method is executed if the number of contesters are more than five (5). In this second method, the first person who answer correctly is still the winner, the next winners are determined by lucky draw. If the number of contesters is more than nine (9), there will be four (4) winners (which only 3 will be determined by lucky draw). Between six and nine contesters, only three (3) winners. Maximum number of winners is four (4).

The prizes are categorized in 4 categories. The first winner can choose one prize among the four given by me, followed by the second winner, the third winner and lastly fourth winner, if there's any. Prizes will be sent to winners by post (PosEkspress to Malaysians and Registered Mail to non-Malaysian).The prizes are as below:

1) Malaysia Modern Coinage - A set of security-edged Malaysia 50 Sen coins (circulated condition, 3 pieces -1967,1968,1969)
2) Malaysia Sultanate Coinage - A Kali-Malik Al Adil coin from 17th century - browse through my posts!
3) Malaysia Replacement Banknote - a pair of ZA and ZC RM1 Malaysia banknote (both UNC)
4) Malaysia Modern Banknote - a pair of first prefix RM5 banknotes (BA -gVF and CA -aUNC)

Images of those prizes will be uploaded later, when I had them prepared.

All are eligible to join this contest. Even collectors friends from other countries can join this contest, I am looking forward to post these prizes to oversea!, as I haven't had the chance to do so before. :)

One more thing, to make this easy contest easier, heheh, I will provide one hint for each 6 hours starting from 6 a.m tomorrow of maximum of 4 hints.

I think that's all, do tell me if I'm missing something.


Question 1
1. Where can we find this man?

Question 2
2. What is the similarity of these 2 pictures?

Question 3
3. Where can we find this symbol and what is the function of this symbol?







Dani2 said...

Answer 1: The man could be found on the obverse of P#9 Malaya & British North Borneo

Answer 2: "Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman (or more commonly known as STAR) is a public fully residential school in Malaysia fully funded by the Government of Malaysia. Named after the first Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King) of the Federation of Malaya, Almarhum Seri Paduka Baginda Tuanku Abdul Rahman ibni Almarhum Tuanku Muhammad, it is located in Ipoh, Perak"

Answer 3: It's the help sign for visual impaired found on P#39 1 Ringgit ND (1998)

Dani2 said...

Answer 2 being a quotation, as you can see :-)

Dani2 said...

Comment for non-collectors on answer 1: P#9 is 10 Dollars 1961

MGMSabri said...

Salam Fadz,
Sab cube jawab iyer.
1. We can found that man in the Ten dollars (1961-1969) banknote, Board of Commissioners of Currency Malaya and British Borneo at the obverse side.Orang membajak sawah menggunakan kerbau landau.

2. Persamaan dua gambar di atas adalah yang pertama merupakan Yang Dipertuan Agong Pertama Tanah Melayu, Al-marhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman.Gambar kedua merupakan logo/lencana bagi Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Ipoh di mana pada 23 September 1958, Al-marhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Duli Yang Maha Mulia Yang Dipertuan Agong Pertama Tanah Melayu telah berkenan untuk mencemar duli merasmikan pembukaan sekolah ini. Baginda juga telah berkenan menyempurnakan istiadat permasyuran nama sekolah ini dengan nama SEKOLAH TUANKU ABDUL RAHMAN sempena nama baginda.

3. We can found the symbol in our currency note. In that picture, an example of RM1 banknote.It is Braille symbol with intaglio features which is help blind/OKU to identify our currency value/authentic.

mnfaj said...

Thanks for participating Dani and Sab. I can't wish congratulation (yet) to both of you as the contest is still running. Hehe. Well, come back here in 3 days.

To others, don't just watch! Participate!

Dani2 said...

Well, in this case should I repost starting 00.01 your local time on 9th of February? Or my answer will taken into consideration (bear in mind that I'm far away from Malaysia, in Europe and I have to watch your time zone.:-)

Dani2 said...

Hehe, I'm totally lost within time zones! Now it's Wednesday, 9 February 2011, 01:40:45 MYT

mnfaj said...

Don't worry Dani, yours is already considered in, the time period is just only to make things clear of this contest's duration. Thanks for participating. :)

me said...

First of all, your hint for the first question may not be totally correct. The $10 note was first issued in 1961 to be circulated in Malaya, Singapore, Brunei, North Borneo and Sarawak. Malaysia was not even formed then. Sabahans and Sarawakians may dispute this and Singaporeans and Bruneians will definitely disagree with you on this.

You should also not allow answers to be posted immediately so that others can give it a try too. Or else, I can just say, my answers are the same as those above LOL!

However you can always post a brief comments here stating how many responds you have received so far.

This is just my dua sen worth.

Dani2 said...

Well, kai, what is in fact about? He said ''Thus, I am decided to do my first contest of this blog. Hope this can drive new readers to this blog.'' meaning that future ''contests'' will follows. I posted first due the fact that I follow his blog. Plain and simple. If this ''contest'' will make others to follow his blog, it means that he fulfils his goal, isn't it? Just my 2 cents.

me said...

Hi Dani2

I don't think you understood what I was trying to say in my previous post.

First of all, I have no intention to compete with you, nor I am interested in the rewards.

You would have known that Monetastic has offered 100 piece of banknotes free and I didn't even bother to get involve in that.

All I was saying was that if the owner keep the postings secret until the content is over, that way it may attract more participants ie more followers etc.... If anyone who visited this site and saw your answers, then why bother posting theirs? They may all think that they are just too late for the competition. I am sure the owner will acknowledge that you were the first one to post your answers here and in no time will send you the rewards, but would it help to get more collectors to participate in this and future competitions?

me said...

Whilst I would not dispute those answers given for question no 2, but I have a very difference answer to this question.

mnfaj said...

to paperbanknotes,
Thank you for your lengthy comment and I really appreciate that. Well, what you are trying to say here really makes sense for me. Looking back at it, this is not a contest, more close to a give away, or giving free prizes. This is totally my fault because I only take about 15 minutes preparing this contest without referring to other contest, hence I am sure this is an improper contest (I did not even mention properly the contest duration at first!). Even my friends are saying that I am giving free gifts, not doing a contest. Thank you for your comment and I am sure I will draft a more proper contest in the future.

But still, I think this contest somewhat partially fulfill my goals. Making some connections with fellow collectors from other countries, attract new non-collectors to this blog (I hope my campus mates join this, they said they are getting bored with banknotes and coins article) and lastly my readers and I can learn something new (about the intaglio features, the STAR IPOH - my alma mater and etc).

To be honest, I planned to do the exact thing you recommend me, which is to hide the comment and publish it after the contest had ended, but I changed my mind as I can't find the options to do that, sigh my bad, and also I think by doing this, I will make the very easy contest, to be easier, hehe. If I'm the reader, by fully reading the entry and comment itself, I can get the answers for those questions. Maybe a simple googling to check back whether the answers given are correct or not is enough.

So to be a winner, just confirm whether the answers are true or not, restructure the sentences and you are in. Quite nonsense, but quite okay in my opinion since this is my first time holding a contest. I hope information from these 3 questions are new to the readers.

mnfaj said...

And for the hint of the questions itself, I do agree with you that my hint there are not quite accurate. I am getting used to put any currency ever circulated in any part of former or latter known as Malaysia as Malaysia currency. Thanks for reminding me!

mnfaj said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mnfaj said...

Do you mind sharing your answer for question 2? Maybe I can learn something from your answer. Thanks :)

me said...

Hi mnfaj

I won't reveal my answer for Q2 here, as I do not want to upset anyone, especially your viewers. After all, this a wonderful hobby and let's enjoy what we all love.

As for posting the comments on your site, you can amend you setting to pending approval before posting. What this means is that you will get an email when someone posted a comment on your site and you can decide if you want to approve it or not. This way, you can without the answer until the contest is over.

It would also good if you change your time setting too, so that it is align with your local time, after all you did mentioned that the contest finishing at 23:59PM on 11.2.2011. I note that you did mentioned Malaysian time zone, but I believe your blogsite setting is not. Today is the 9.2.2011 and your last posting was yesterday's date.

Good luck to you all.

Dani2 said...

Well, I did not take this as a contest but a challenge for me and an opportunity to learn something new (see question 2). As for posting comments, I was quite sure after posting mine that will not be shown for several days. Exactly like kai said, you have the option to moderate them, that means that the comments will not be shown until your approval.

Dani2 said...

As for the answer on question 2, the name (or part of the name) is a similarity. Almarhum Seri Paduka Baginda Tuanku Abdul Rahman ibni Almarhum Tuanku Muhammad and Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman. (As a side note, this one was a tough one for me as an European).

Anonymous said...

1. Ten dollars (1961-1969) banknote, Board of Commissioners of Currency Malaya and British Borneo at the obverse side.

2. Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

3. Braille symbol with intaglio features which is help blind/OKU to identify our currency value/authentic.


me said...

Ringgit was introduced in 1967 (12/6/1967). However was the Malaya and British Borneo currency ceased legal tender in 1969, as posted by few viewers here? Did it lasted that long after the new Ringgit was introduced?

Any one care to share this?

It was interesting when the new and old currencies were circulating together at that time. What a havoc then, due to the in balance of the exchange rate!

nasrudin said...


1. The image can be found on the obverse of the 1961 Federation of Malaya $10 note.

2. The similarity lies in the name of both images: "Tuanku Abdul Rahman", the first YDPA.

3. Its a Braille symbol. for the blinds.


Nasrudin Mohammed

nabila :) said...

assalamualaikum :)

muahahahah :D

1. 10Dollar Malaya British & Borneo Note

2. name= Tuanku Abdul Rahman

3. where can find = at rm1 note
function = Braille for blind

mnfaj said...

Thank you so much for participating! And I am sorry for not being able to reply to comments due to time constraint, just got back to campus (as usual) hehe.

And here I want to announce that the contest is over~ stay tuned for the result!

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