Sunday, February 6, 2011

58. Straits Settlements Ten Cents Emergency Notes 1917-1920 Acting Treasurer

image 1: obverse

image 2: reverse

image 3: sign of Acting Treasurer, H. Marriott

image 4: sign of Treasurer, A.M. Pountney

Country of Origin: Straits Settlements
Denomination: Ten Cents
Prefixes: E/1 96883
Dimension: 118mm x 74mm
Reference: Pick .6c
Category: Emergency Issue Notes
Date: Unknown 
Sign(s): Acting Treasurer of Straits Settlements, H. Mariott
Watermark(s): None
Design & Print: Government Survey Office, Kuala Lumpur, Federated of Malay States
Extra Note: Printed on cardboard paper

      Splitted in two, and even the date at the back of the note is not visible make this note in poor condition. Wishing for a better grade note, UNC? Well prepare at least RM2k and maybe you can get one.


Anonymous said...

RM2k for a high grade specimen?
Suppose thats the price for quality in numismatic.
Thanks for sharing.
Cheers :)

me said...

You can see the date on the back of the note. Just have to look for it carefully.

mnfaj said...

Thanks whycollect for dropping in.

me, I can't figure out the date on the back of the paper, can you try to figure it out for me?

Jay said...

Nope couldnt find the date myself either. 2K RM is quite a bit even in USD! Thanks for sharing, one day I too shall add a Straits Settlements note to my collection.

me said...


Look at the reverse of the note re octagon shape. In the middle of the octagon, you have the crown, right? Outside the octagon shape, on both sides next to the crown, there is a digit number in circle, if you can still them. One is the day date and the other one is the month. Below the crown, you can see the year. As the condition of you note is not in very good condition, I am not sure if you can still see these information, but give it a try.

me said...


Let me know if you still can't see the date and I may scan one and email that to you for your reference. Will need your contact detail though!

Anonymous said...

Hi mnfaj,
Tried locating the date but couldn't even after closely examining your scan on the reverse of banknote.
Anyway, its an interesting banknote.
Keep it up ;)

mnfaj said...

Sorry I misunderstood your statement. Yes, the date of this note can be traced on its back, but unfortunately due to poor condition of this note, the date can't be seen. Thank you for dropping by.

Thanks for dropping. :)

Ed said...


I have published compilation information about the Emergency Notes. You can read them here:

Straits Settlement - Emergency 10 Cents Note (1918)

Straits Settlement - Emergency 10 Cents Note (1919)

Kind Regads,

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