Friday, February 25, 2011

65. Terengganu Coin SS29

image 1: obverse and reverse of the coin

image 2: colored version of the coin

image 3: reference from SS

Country of Origin: Terengganu (Now a state, part of Malaysia)
Date: -
Denomination: Satu Keping / Satu Pitis
Weight: 2.75 g (average)
Edge: Plain
Dimension: Diameter of 22mm - 23.5
Composition: Tin
Population: Unknown
Reference: SS29
Mint: Unknown
Category: -
Extra Note: On obverse, in Jawi,  " Malik Al Adil" , The Just Ruler within a toothed border. Rarity level by Saran Singh is RR out of RRRR, probably means very rare.

Recently I got a lot of new and interesting Terengganu coins. Some of them are even unlisted in my reference! Among those coins, not many are having condition like this one. Almost third of it are blank coins. Actually they are not blank coins but they do look like so due to excessive corrosion of its surfaces.

One thing I notice about native coins is that, they are notorious with errors and varieties. In this post, you can compare 3 different specimens. The first specimen in the third image (SS reference) is the normal coin, whereas the second specimen in the third image is having hole, due to incomplete tin flow during its manufacturing process. And lastly my specimen here is having a very obvious bar inside the inscription. Quite similar with Johor's katun bar type. Interesting isn't? Wondering if the bar serves any purposes.

Here I attach another sample belongs to Ahmad Fyrose Adnan. 

image 4: another specimen, collection of Ahmad Fyrose Adnan


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Thanks for dropping by whycollect. Yes, now I think I begin to fall in love with tin coins.

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