Monday, February 14, 2011

61. Result of the Contest!

Sorry for the late update! -_-'

Okay congratulations for all winners and a big thank you from me for participating.^^

Take note that the second, third and fourth winner are being determined by lucky draw. And I have add an additional prize (fifth prize!) and addition to the replacement notes prize.

First Winner: Mr. Daniel Mendea from Romania
Second Winner:
Third Winner: Mr Sabri  from Malaysia
Fourth Winner: Nasrudin Mohamed from Malaysia
Fifth Winner: Nabila Hafiza from Malaysia

These are the prizes! To all the winners can you contact me and give me your list of  prizes in number? The first winner can choose any of these prizes, while the second, third, fourth and fifth winners need to come out with your list of prefered prizes. I don't know you get what I meant, but I hope you understand my poor english.

This is an example of what you need to do. For example, for the second winner, 1-3-2-4-5, which means that you are preferring the first prize, if unavailable (first winner already took it), then you prefer the third prize, and so on.

I can be contacted by comment form in this post or by email

1) Malaysia Modern Coinage - A set of security-edged Malaysia 50 Sen coins (circulated condition, 3 pieces -1967,1968,1969)
image 1: obverse of prize 1

image 2: reverse of prize 1
 2) Malaysia Sultanate Coinage - A Malik Al Adil coin from 17th century

image 3: obverse of prize 2

image 4: reverse of prize 2

3) Malaysia Replacement Banknote - a set of ZA, ZC and ZAB RM1 Malaysia banknote (all in UNC condition)

image 5: ZA note

image 6: ZC note

image 7: ZAB note
4) Malaysia Modern Banknote - a pair of first prefix RM5 banknotes (BA -gVF and CA -aUNC, solely my opinion)

image 8: obverse of prize D
image 9: reverse of prize D

5) Special Prize! STICKY CANDY!

image 10:

Later when I have receive feedbacks from all winners, I will post those prizes and show it here in my blog. Thanks again!!


MGMSabri said...

wow third winner, yeah...syukran.
Sab prefer number 2-3-1-4-5.

Dani2 said...

Thanks a lot. I've send you already an email. As for the prize, I choose ''3) Malaysia Replacement Banknotes''.

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