Monday, February 7, 2011

59. Terengganu Tin Coins Sultan Baginda Omar 1849

image 1: obverse of coin A

image 2: reverse of coin A

image 3: obverse of coin B

image 4: reverse of coin B

Country of Origin: Terengganu (Now a state, part of Malaysia)
Date: 1849
Denomination: Satu Keping / Satu Pitis
Weight: 1.62g
Edge: Plain
Dimension: Diameter of 22mm
Composition: Tin
Population: Unknown
Reference: SS12, P/94
Mint: Unknown
Category: -
Extra Note: On obverse, in Jawi,  " Duriba fi Tarkanu Sanat 1265", (Struck in Terengganu in year 1265 AH = 1849 ). The inscription is incused. Rarity level by Saran Singh is RR out of RRRR, probably means very rare.

    Again, my collection of Terengganu coins. I guess not many coins are having incused inscription, which makes this series quite unique. At first I want to let go one of these coins, but I changed my mind as one of it is an error coin.

   Saran Singh had translated the inscription on this coin as Duriba fi Tarkanu. As someone who can read and write a little in Jawi, unfortunately I cannot find the letter ba that brings the third syllables in the word Duriba. The letter ba should be look like this. ""

image 5: reference from Saran Singh
image 6: reconstructed inscription on coin A. The word sanat cannot be traced.

image 7: reconstructed inscription on coin B, part of word sanat can be traced. This is a huge off-strike error coin. The dot-dot line shows where the edge of the coin should be.


whycollect said...

Hi mnfaj,
Still considering whether to go ahead with these tin coins collecting.
Arg, a tough niche to decide on.
Problem differentiating between fakes and genuine ones.
Thanks alot for sharing :)

mnfaj said...

Hi whycollect,
I think I must encourage you to go ahead with these tin coins collecting, as this is getting more exciting for me. As long as you can be confident of the genuinity of these coins, of course. I am also searching for more reliable methods to differentiate both of them. Thanks for dropping by.

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