Thursday, September 30, 2010

24. Malaya JIM Notes $10 Smokeless Variety

photo by jim.notes
     Have you heard about smokeless ship variety of Malaya JIM $10 Dollar before? I have heard of it before but at first I thought it was maybe due to isolated error or a fake note. But only recently I was quite shocked and interested after I found a seller who described the smokeless due to another printer.

     "JIM  Malaya $10 block MK, scarce smokeless variety. Printed by the American Secret Service(OSS) to finance the freedom fighter, Force 136 during the Japanese Occupation." jim.notes
      American Secret Service funding Force 136 to fight Japanese? That was quite logical but I think that was never included in my History lesson before.

    By the way, is it true? Wonder where the seller get the facts.


Monday, September 27, 2010

23. FOR SALE: Malaysia Sepuluh Ringgit Second Series

Price: RM 40 (SOLD)

Malaysia 2nd Series Sepuluh Ringgit

Please refer scans for judgements & please ask me if you have any questions

Shipping & Packaging :
Posdaftar RM2, Poslaju RM6
via phone (sms only) - 013 - 714 1165  
via email -

Through Maybank Account

22. Malaya Japanese Invasion Money 100 Dollars Chinese Characters Overprinted

photo by leocollection
    This is the most interesting JIM banknote that I tried to bid recently. It is an original 100 dollars with chinese characters overprinted at the obverse side of the note. According to the seller, it can be roughly translated as " Go up mountain look for tiger; want to borrow money difficult; if no savings then you are in trouble by Great Japan Malaya Finance Department".

     Frankly I do not understand the meanings of those sentences, can someone enlighten it to me? The seller claimed he do not know the origin or purpose of this banknote.

   It was sold at the price of RM100.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

21. Malaya Japanese Invasion Money 5 Cents Block ML-M/AQ Error

photo by leocollection

       This is an error note which was being auctioned recently. It is an ML block note overprinted with block M/AQ on the obverse side. The reverse side is normal.

   I suppose the blocks represent which batches the notes belong too. How these two different blocks come printed together is surely mind-boggling. Apparently this note is valued around RM160 recently for this EF quality paper.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

20. Malaya Japanese Invasion Money One Cent Error

photo by leocollection

    Recently I stumbled upon a seller which listed some of very interesting Malaya JIM banknotes. I had try my luck on them since the current prices an hour before time ended were approximately around RM30. But unfortunately I didn't win even one of the auctions, so sad T-T. This one piece ended for the price of $37.95, approximately RM130. Looking back at it, it was quite a reasonable price.

   This is a One Cent note from Japanese Invasion Money (JIM). This note is having reverse print totally inverted on aUNC paper with only light foxing. The block M/AD specifically meant for Malaya. I have seen a blogger showing his piece of similar error note like this in his blog.

  I was in hesitation whether to write a post about this or not, because the notes are belong not to me. Hehe but I think it will be okay as long as I put a line of credit to its owner (ex-owner to be precise) and this post is only for the sake of sharing information.

  This is the least interesting one among the 3 banknotes I found. Stay tuned for next posting.

   Is this a rare note?


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Price: RM 30 (SOLD)

Malaya British Borneo (Board of Commissioners of Currency Malaya and British Borneo) 1 Dollar 1953 Banknote for SALE.

Please refer scans for judgements & please ask me if you have any questions. Good for filler and starter.

Shipping & Packaging :
Posdaftar RM2, Poslaju RM6
via phone (sms only) - 013 - 714 1165 
via email -

Through Maybank Account

First-come, first-served basis, just shout that you want this and it yours already.
SURPRISE! 1 FREE GIFT for this purchase. The free gift will be revealed 3 days from now if there is still no buyer, or revealed now if already have buyer, whichever comes first.

Monday, September 20, 2010

18. Malaya and British Borneo 1 Dollar 1953

   Hi all, Happy Eid Fitri, Happy Malaysia Day, and Happy Every Day I wish to all of my dearest reader out there.

   This is my collection of 1 Dollar note, bearing the face of probably the most famous queen in numismatic world, Queen Elizabeth. I had no doubt that she, or at least her portrait in this banknote, is beautiful.

   Having dimension of 121mm times 63mm, this note is still in good condition, maybe I can grade it as gEF. Printed by Waterlow & Sons Ltd, it was signed by W.C Taylor in probably 21/3/1953.

    Recently, I spend about 20 minutes examining the back of the note. Surely for me the back of this banknote is beautiful, with all 16 coat of arms spread symmetrically. And for that moment I realized why most collectors pursue only for UNC notes.

   This is my second banknote of this type. Anybody out there still missing this note?