Saturday, September 25, 2010

20. Malaya Japanese Invasion Money One Cent Error

photo by leocollection

    Recently I stumbled upon a seller which listed some of very interesting Malaya JIM banknotes. I had try my luck on them since the current prices an hour before time ended were approximately around RM30. But unfortunately I didn't win even one of the auctions, so sad T-T. This one piece ended for the price of $37.95, approximately RM130. Looking back at it, it was quite a reasonable price.

   This is a One Cent note from Japanese Invasion Money (JIM). This note is having reverse print totally inverted on aUNC paper with only light foxing. The block M/AD specifically meant for Malaya. I have seen a blogger showing his piece of similar error note like this in his blog.

  I was in hesitation whether to write a post about this or not, because the notes are belong not to me. Hehe but I think it will be okay as long as I put a line of credit to its owner (ex-owner to be precise) and this post is only for the sake of sharing information.

  This is the least interesting one among the 3 banknotes I found. Stay tuned for next posting.

   Is this a rare note?



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