Monday, September 27, 2010

22. Malaya Japanese Invasion Money 100 Dollars Chinese Characters Overprinted

photo by leocollection
    This is the most interesting JIM banknote that I tried to bid recently. It is an original 100 dollars with chinese characters overprinted at the obverse side of the note. According to the seller, it can be roughly translated as " Go up mountain look for tiger; want to borrow money difficult; if no savings then you are in trouble by Great Japan Malaya Finance Department".

     Frankly I do not understand the meanings of those sentences, can someone enlighten it to me? The seller claimed he do not know the origin or purpose of this banknote.

   It was sold at the price of RM100.


Anonymous said...

It actually means,

It's easy to look for tiger in the mountain,
but it is hard to look for people who are willing to lend you money,
if you do not have savings,
then you are in trouble

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