Friday, June 15, 2012


 image 1: obverse and reverse of the coin

image 2: obverse and reverse with highlighted inscriptions

image 3: jawi inscriptions on the coin

image 4: reference from SS
Too much on modern error and variety coins recently. So I guess some old Johor Sultanate coins can be pretty interesting.

Shown above, a unique and beautiful Johor tin coin - known as Keton, in hexagonal shape.

Category Coin > Malay Sultanate Coin > Johor
Country Of Origin Johore (Now a state, a part of Malaysia)
Date Unknown
Grade about Extremely Fine
Denomination One Katun
Shape Hexagonal
Thickness -
Composition Tin
Population Unknown
Reference SS30
Mint -
Category Normal Circulation Coinage
Demonetized Yes
Engraver/Designer -
Variety Several die varieties with different writing style, numbers of dot and symbol has been reported
Edge Plain
Obverse In Jawi, "Haza Al Masruf" - This is petty money
Reverse In Jawi, "Dar al Johora" - Of the City of Johor
Extra Note

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monstrous DDV Again. 10 sen 2006 DDO

Figure 1: Obverse of the coin

Figure 2: Reverse of the coin
Figure 3: Obverse and reverse of the coin

Dubbed by its owner - The Ghostly Congkak, this DDO coin is currently at the top of my wanted list. =D

Doubling is strongest at the area of 10 o'clock and shows no doubling at the opposite site. Could it be the Class 5 - Pivoted Hub Doubling?


Thank you to my facebook friend, Mr. Stewart Tan Say Liew for giving me permission to share this coin.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

5 sen 2010 Error Coin Die Gouge

Figure 1: Obverse and reverse of the coin

Thanks to the catalogue, I think most of Malaysian collector know about the so-called "extra dot" coin - particularly on 5 sen 1982, 50 sen 1979 and 50 sen 1988.

These variety is actually belongs to a type of error known as die gouge error. Die gouge error is a form of die error when a punching from sharp object was made onto the die, thus creating a hole. This hole, which is an incused element on the die will result in a raised element on the coin.

Being called as "extra dot" as this kind of error usually exhibits a dot-like features on the coin. So far three die gouge error coin has been put up in a local catalogue. Who knows more are coming soon?

Back to the matter of interest - the coin in this entry - die gouge error can be seen on the obverse of the coin. Taking shape of a water droplet, rather than the usual dot. Should we call this extra-comma? =D

Error Coin Malaysia 1 sen 2005 die crack die clash

Received this coin from my collector friend, thanks gsk.

Beautiful luster, intriguing die break and mysterious ghostly die clash mark. A 3-in-1 package.

It looks like the flower grew beautifully on top of the rebana.

Defects on the 1 sen coins are too easy to be found - hence makes it quite hard to find a well-struck one.

Happy collecting!