Saturday, June 2, 2012

5 sen 2010 Error Coin Die Gouge

Figure 1: Obverse and reverse of the coin

Thanks to the catalogue, I think most of Malaysian collector know about the so-called "extra dot" coin - particularly on 5 sen 1982, 50 sen 1979 and 50 sen 1988.

These variety is actually belongs to a type of error known as die gouge error. Die gouge error is a form of die error when a punching from sharp object was made onto the die, thus creating a hole. This hole, which is an incused element on the die will result in a raised element on the coin.

Being called as "extra dot" as this kind of error usually exhibits a dot-like features on the coin. So far three die gouge error coin has been put up in a local catalogue. Who knows more are coming soon?

Back to the matter of interest - the coin in this entry - die gouge error can be seen on the obverse of the coin. Taking shape of a water droplet, rather than the usual dot. Should we call this extra-comma? =D


Anonymous said...

Hi mnfaj,
Extra comma!
Haha whatever we may call it.
Coincidentally there's one with an extra comma at the bottom of the digit '1' also appears in the year 2001 but on a 1 sen instead.
This is one coin which we are rather impressed because it doesn't appear like a die crack instead looks like part of the design though the die crack is quite small by itself.
These are the types of die cracks and die gouge that we love to look for, that is they merge and become part of the design as a whole.
Of course huge die cracks and die gouge are always impressive.
Thats no doubt about it, haha.
Thanks a lot for sharing, mnfaj :)

mnfaj said...

Hi whycollect,
Thanks for visiting. This is one problem we have to bear (for the rest of our life?) once we fell in love with coins - we become attentive to irregularities. Tried to ask few of my friend to tell me why I'd like to keep this coin as my collection. Well as expected none can detect the extra-comma. Haha. That is good too so I can show them where the extra comma is.
Thanks for visiting. Still looking for your extra comma 1 sen. :D

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