Saturday, June 2, 2012

Error Coin Malaysia 1 sen 2005 die crack die clash

Received this coin from my collector friend, thanks gsk.

Beautiful luster, intriguing die break and mysterious ghostly die clash mark. A 3-in-1 package.

It looks like the flower grew beautifully on top of the rebana.

Defects on the 1 sen coins are too easy to be found - hence makes it quite hard to find a well-struck one.

Happy collecting!


Anonymous said...

Nice find with a nice die crack.
Congratulations mnfaj :)

mnfaj said...

Thank you whycollect. :)

Sugar Coated Candyman said...

Hi guys, just started my first written blog ( in my life. The ones before, there were nothing. So id appreciated if you'd comment on my specimens so i can start learning. cheers.

mnfaj said...

Hi Sugar Coated Candyman,
Congratulations on your newly born blog. Welcome to the coins-lover blogger club! :D

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