Friday, November 19, 2010

43. Terengganu Coin One Cent 1907 ( 1325 A.H )

photo: obverse

photo: reverse

Country of Origin: Terengganu (Now a state, part of Malaysia)
Date: 1907
Denomination: One Cent
Weight: 6.50g
Edge: Milled
Dimension: Diameter of 29mm
Composition: Tin
Population: Unknown
Reference: SS18, P.98
Mint: Unknown
Category: -
Extra Note: On obverse, within a dotted circle in Jawi "Kerajaan Terengganu 1325" ( State of Terengganu 1325 A.H = 1907). The initials in jawi in the border * S * Z * A of (S)ultan (Z)ainal (A)bidin separated by stars. On reverse, the figure "1" within a dotted circle. A wreath of leaves in the border. (extract from SS). Rarity level indicated by SS is RRR out of RRRR, probably means very rare.

    Hello there. This is the newest addition into my collection which I acquired through a local some weeks ago. This coin was discovered from the river shore of Sungai Terengganu. The deepening work for Monsoon Cup to Sungai Terengganu has unearthed this coin to the surface.

     I have a pair of this coin, which the other one is in really  bad condition. Only a very small part of leaves are visible on the reverse part. How can this piece escaped natural corrosion? Perhaps she was entrapped in an isolated place ?

    From reference, it has been noted that counterfeited exists made from lead and tin, and those can be bend easily. I had try the bend test with this one, to my relief it can't be bend! I was afraid a little more force can crack her.

   By the way, I just love you. Ahah XD


Anonymous said...

Hi mnfaj,
Nice coin you've got here.
Tin coins are no doubt very interesting especially for Malaysian collectors.
Trying to read up as much information as possible on tin coins before deciding whether to resume collecting them again.
Your postings will be useful to us.
Thanks alot for sharing.

mnfaj said...

Hi whycollect, thanks for dropping by.
Yes tin coins are very interesting, but the abundance of counterfeited coins out there make collectors become suspicious and opt for not collecting them.

I think I don't want to buy tin coins from dealers, except those who I believe sells genuine pieces. Got myself cheated once buying fake tin coins at amcorp flea market. That gave me huge impact on my future deals with tin coins.

Anonymous said...

Oh I see. Thanks alot for the advise. Yes, tin coins especially Malaysian tin coins and Chinese cash are very interesting. But that's the problem.
Fakes! So many fakes around. Read an article on these Chinese cash fakes. It said the number of fakes compared to genuine ones in the market is a million to one. Apart from those which have been bought very long time ago or known the dealer very well and they themselves have kept them very long or passed down by our older generations, dare not to touch these Chinese cash now selling in the market. But have to admit the temptation is always there. Because just like the tin coins, these coins are extremely interesting to collect. Hope one day some experts can come out to guide us. If you still have good specimen of tin coins or any valuable information, hope you can continue to share with us. Have not decided to ignore these coins totally. Because they are just too interesting to ignore. But must make sure they are genuine first before acquiring them. Thanks again mnfaj.

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