Tuesday, November 23, 2010

45. Terengganu Pitis / Keping Coin 2

photos 1&2 : Obverse and reverse of Coin 1

photos 3 & 4: obverse and reverse of Coin 2

Country of Origin: Terengganu (Now a state, part of Malaysia)
Date: Most probably issued in the late 18th Century and/or early years of 19th century
Denomination: One Keping / One Pitis
Weight: 1.85g
Edge: Plain
Dimension: Diameter of 18mm
Composition: Tin
Population: Unknown
Reference: SS26, P.102
Mint: Unknown
Category: -
Extra Note: On obverse, in Jawi "Malik Al Adil" (The Just Ruler) while having blank reverse. Rarity level indicated by Saran Singh is RR out of RRRR, probably means very rare.

     Getting bored of my tin coin posts? Hehe sorry and most probably next posts I will try open up my banknote albums and post something from there.

   My first examination paper is tomorrow, but why I am writing about coins rather than doing fatigue analysis? Hope you are enjoying this post and happy collecting!
    I have done my first calligraphy work to be displayed in my blog. Not bad isn't?
Figure 1: Extract from Saran Singh book

Figure 2: My Jawi writing of "Malik Al Adil"


Anonymous said...

Hi mnfaj,
Sorry, didn't know that you are going to sit for your exams.
Guess, nothing is more important than your exams.
Nice pitis you have posted above.
Take good care, mnfaj.

mnfaj said...

Hi whycollect,
Thank you for wishing me, can't wait for my exams to finish so that I can spend my time on my hobby. Maybe that's what people called collecting is a disease. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Hope you've done well in your exams.
Hmmm...maybe it is this 'disorder' that make us go crazy over these collectibles, haha.

Koyie Buyie said...

I have one piece , yiekoyiebuyie@gmail.com

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