Friday, December 17, 2010

46. Malaya JIM 5 Dollars with Prefix MA

Country of Origin: Malaya (Now known as Malaysia)
Denomination: 5 Dollars
Dimension: 149mm x 71mm
Reference: ST B6a
Category: Japanese Invasion Money (JIM) Notes

Watermark(s): None

Design & Print: Unknown
Extra Note: -

My blog has come into idle mode for the past weeks. Among the reasons of not worth being mentioned here are like busy with studying (really?), absence of camera and scanner services, and and and, lack of $$ to add new collection. Heheh but now I guess I am back.

Due to unknown reason, it seems that Malaya JIM notes has been my favourite items for my collection. I have heard that they are serious JIM collectors out there who aimed to even, completing their prefixes! My only reference catalogue do not even listed their prefixes, they just categorized their prefixes, in block or letters or maybe color variety. Well I guess I just can afford to stick on collecting major varieties of Malaya's banknotes. That is too expensive for me!, but I like the thrill.

I have not yet meet an uncirculated piece of this note. Where the uncirculated non-numbered JIM notes are easy to obtain, the one with numbers seems quite hard to find in the market.

Now targeting on finding her twin, MB prefix. Okay I can afford prefix variety, just for the numbered one. ;)


Anonymous said...

Though not into Malaya Japanese Occupation banknotes, noticed those with serial numbers are not common. Keep it up, mnfaj.

jshien goh said...

Hey, may I know how much a Jim $5 with serial no. worth right now?

jshien goh said...

Hey, may I know how much a Jim $5 with serial no. worth right now?

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