Monday, December 20, 2010

47. Straits Settlements 1 Cent 1926/20 Overdate

Image 1: Obverse of SS 1920
Image 2: Reverse of SS 1920

Image 3: Obverse of Normal SS 1926
Image 4: Reverse of Normal SS 1926
Image 5: Obverse of Overdated 1926/1920 SS Coin
Image 6: Reverse of Overdated 1926/1920 SS Coin

Image 7: A normal 1926

Image 8: A overdate 1926/1920
     This is an overdate issue of Straits Settlements coin of year 1926. The overdate of 1926 onto 1920 is simply due to use of earlier coin die in order to save cost of producing new die. The former die (which is 1920 die) is being altered, in this case of number "0" to "6"

   The normal and overdate issue can be differentiated easily by observing the number "6" on the year wordings. The overdate issue have a "cobra-tail like" of number six while the normal one has its tail pointing outwards.

   Recently I just noticed that this variety is being mentioned in Saran Singh book, but without photos.

   Instead of searching 1941i of square coins, why don't you try to find this one? A nice variety to add into your collection.

   For some in-depth discussion of this coin, you can visit this page. Happy collecting! My advise is, find this piece before it is being included in our local catalogue.


whycollect said...

Hi mnfaj,
Looks like its a 1926/1920 overdate that you've got here.
Keep it up :D

mnfaj said...

Yes! thank you whycollect for the confirmation. :)

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Hi i just found this one my old collection. Hehe

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