Tuesday, June 14, 2011

121. Johor Tin Katun - Dot with Rings unlisted

image 1: obverse and reverse of the coin
      Some says that cherrypicking is one of the skills in coin collecting. Well, I think this is the first cherry I have ever personally pick for myself.

     Recently there are many katuns coin, especially in Johor. I have heard rumors that a public agency is doing some excavation works to unearth treasures in the area of Johor Lama. So it seems that some of those katun escaped and finally rest peacefully in my collection.

    This is a katun of Johor - a petty money which served as small changes in bazaar or wet market among the ordinary people. Perhaps it holds a value of equal to 1sen nowadays.

    I notice that there are rings surrounding the central raised dot.Currently unlisted in the only reference for Malay coinage - Mr Saran Singh's book. This specimen thrills me and now I am thinking to go on journey of collecting Johor katuns.

       How much did I pay for this coin? I did not pay a single sen, I just swapped it with a 1 cent Malaya 1962. Quite a good deal isn't?


Anonymous said...

Interesting specimen.
Never seen this before.
Thanks for sharing, mnfaj :)

mnfaj said...

Thanks for dropping by!

Abu Dervish said...

Well Done !! Keep it up to start collecting Malay Sultanate Coins. See my link for more on Johor Katun.

mnfaj said...

Hi Abu Dervish,
Thank you for visiting. Wow you katun tree is really magnificient.

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