Monday, June 6, 2011

116. Malaysia 20 Sen Second Series Varieties

image 1: obverse and reverse of variety A

image 2: obverse and reverse of variety B

     There are varieties among our circulation coins. Some of them are highly distinct, such as the Bunga Raya on 2001 20 Sen coin, and some of them are quite indistinct. Shown here is the varieties of Malaysia 20 Sen 1998.

Variety A:
  •  rounded rim's edge.
  •  same font size in the date "1998" of about 2.67mm.
  •  letterings have longer serif.

Variety B:
  •  squared rim's edge. 
  •  different font size in the date "1998" with a bigger "8" of about 2.82mm and  2.58mm for "1", and "9".
  • letterings have shorter serif.

    I hope to develop a list of variety for Malaysian coins. If you are happen to have discovered new varieties, kindly inform me so that I can list it here. And correct me if I am using inaccurate terms or explaination. Thank you in advance and let us together build this list.



Anonymous said...

Yes, really looking forward to any book which can list out all the varieties.
This will be extremely useful to all of us :)

Dickson Niew said...

We try to establish and fulfil your wish.I did collect Die Varities,is in the line up to post them in near future!Happy niewmismatic!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bring up the issues, mnfaj.
And thanks for being so kind to accommodate our wishes, Dickson :)

mnfaj said...

Thank you to both of you. I feel that my interest in coins or banknotes had grow exponentially since the first time I begin collecting some years ago. Wow I think now I got a new competitor, it's you Mr. Dickson! compete in a healthy way, of course for the sake of numismatic knowledge.

mnfaj said...

Looking at my poor condition coins here, I think it would be nice if I have both coin in UNC, or better BU condition isn't? Haha

Anuar Ku said...

Hi Mnfaj, in my small collection, i kept 20 sen rounded rim's edge year 2001 and year 1980. I wonders if you interested to list in your blog ;-)

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