Wednesday, April 6, 2011

77. Malaysia 20 Sen 1992 Error Coin - Die Break and Doubled Die / Mechanical Doubling

A die chip and MDD! Worthless piece of error coin but still worthy to reside in my album.


whycollect said...

Hi mnfaj,
It looks like a MDD and a die break.
Just a wild guess.
Anything not normal, just keep first and ask later.
Haha, thats what we normally do.
Thanks alot for sharing, mnfaj :)

Dickson Niew said...
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Dickson Niew said...

Die Break is a Major Die Errors.A Cud is quite a substantial size of lump of raised metal formed on the field of a coin.
This is a Die Chip Errors.A small,short,jagged metal will be formed where the small part of the die chipped away.Just my opinion.

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