Wednesday, March 23, 2011

76. Malaysia 10 Sen Error Coin Thin Planchet

image 1: obverse and reverse of coin 1

image 2: obverse and reverse of coin 2

     Currently don't have any idea what had caused these coins to be like this. Among the characteristics that can be seen on these two coins are, thinner planchet (thickness of the coin), granular surface on both obverse and reverse, plain edge and slightly smaller in diameter.

   Could it be a slag inclusion planchet (I-A-1)case? or perhaps improper alloy mix planchet (1-A-2)? Rolled thin planchet (I-B-2)? Any comments are welcome.




Dickson Niew said...

This is a Split Planchet Before Strike Errors(Planchet Errors).It means that the planchet splited into two pieces during the rim upsetting process due to improper mix alloy or clad layer.And this "thin" planchet still finds its way into the mint press.
Granular surface is always the main feature.
Just my opinions.
Best regards and happy week-end.

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