Wednesday, March 2, 2011

67. Straits Settlements One Dollar 1916

Country of Origin: Straits Settlements
Denomination: One Dollar
Prefixes: D/63 60037
Dimension: 121mm x 64mm
Reference: K.N Boon B3e
Category: Normal Circulation Notes
Date: 10/7/1916 
Sign(s): N. James, A.M Pountney, R.J Saunders
Watermark(s): None
Design & Print: Thomas de la Rue
Extra Note: Printed in black on pinkish paper

   Fortunately this note has a tear on one of its edges, if not, for sure I can't afford to buy it. Printed on pinkish paper, I think this banknote is quite unique. And it is beautiful too! Just found 4 cute little elephants and 4 birds on its reverse. Can you find it?


MGMSabri said...

Dirty paper money...
I heard that people named it.

Aleks paper money collector said...

You can purchase this banknote on ebay but it's a high priced item

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