Monday, March 7, 2011

71. East India Company Dua Keping 1804

image 1: reverse and obverse of the coin

Origin: East India Company
Date: 1804
Denomination: Two Keping / Dua Keping / 2 Keping
Weight: 4.40g
Edge: plain
Dimension: Diameter of 26mm
Composition: Copper
Population: 4 656 313 pieces  
Mintmark: ---
Reference: SS 4a
Mint: Soho Mint, Birmingham
Category: Normal Circulation Coin 
Engraver: ---
Variety : --- 
Grade: ---

image 2: reference from Saran Singh's book

     Currently searching for a One Keping piece to complete this series, East India Company Singapore Merchant Coin Thin Planchet Series. This is my earlier post of 4 Keping.

image 2: obverse and reverse of countermarked "OD", image of smokyisabigcat from


Anonymous said...

These EIC tokens are always interesting.
Congratulations, mnfaj :D

mnfaj said...

Thanks whycollect,
EIC coins are my favourite, probably due to its Jawi writing. Im targeting to complete it since the prices are not so expensive now.

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