Monday, July 5, 2010

6. East India Company Empat Keping 1804

image 1: obverse and reverse of the coin

Origin: East India Company
Date: 1804
Denomination: Four Keping / Empat Keping / 4 Keping
Weight: 8.55g
Edge: plain
Dimension: Diameter of 30.55mm
Composition: Copper
Population: 1 612 498 pieces  
Mintmark: ---
Reference: SS 5a
Mint: Soho Mint, Birmingham
Category: Normal Circulation Coin 
Engraver: ---
Variety : --- 
Grade: ---

           Recently I bought this coin from eBay. The appearance of this coin attracts me. This coin is under the category of Singapore Merchant Coin. This coin was strucked for circulation in Singapore. It is interesting to note that this coin was strucked on 1823, but still bearing earlier date for thick flan version, which is 1804. This issue was on orders of Thomas Stamford Raffles. This coin served as the prototypes for the later Island of Sumatra series of Singapore Merchant Coin.

Observe: Arms of the British East India Company in centre. The legend "EAST INDIA COMPANY" above, the year date 1804 below.
Reverse: in Jawi / Arabic "4 Empat Keping 1219 AH"

There are two types of this coin, thin flan and thick flan. Basically the thick flan version weighs more than the thin flan as the thickness is different. The thick flan version was issued to be used in Sumatra and its neighbors only.

I bought this coin from an Irish dealer, and it costs me around USD10 exclusive of postage. Do you have similar coins like this?


Anonymous said...

I have one piece of this coin. I found it in sungai muda, pulau pinang, malaysia

mnfaj said...

Hi Anonymous 9.42,
Congratulation. You must keep that coin as it is a part of our heritage.

endix leo said...

I have one for sale.

mnfaj said...

Hi endix leo,
Thank you for your offer. I contact you via email later. :)

mohammed Uddin said...

how much u want sell to me this kind of rare coin

Anonymous said...

I also have one for sale.

Anonymous said...

I also Have one for sale!

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