Wednesday, July 28, 2010

10. Selangor Japanese Occupation Stamp 6 cents on 5 cents

photo: a pair of Selangor stamp during Japanese occupation period
   I occasionally buy stamps as I also collect stamps. I think most of coins and banknotes collector started with stamps collecting. Me basically likes all things that are nostalgic and symbolic.

     This is a Malaya Selangor Japanese Occupation stamp with an overprint of 6 cents on 5 cents stamp. Not very sure about the grading of stamp. The period of this stamp should be between 1942 to 1944.

    I have read in Internet that the Malaya Japanese Occupation stamps are easy to be counterfeited. Then you should take extra care on buying the stamps. One of the way to make sure that the stamps you buy are genuine is to buy it through an established and trusted seller.

   During the occupation of Japanese in Malaya, the Japanese did not want to use their enemy currency and stamps, as they pride themselves with their culture. They hated Western so much and they tried to instill the sense of belonging between Asian nations through motto "Asia is for Asia".

   Can someone tell me what are the meaning of the Japanese characters on the stamps above? As you can see, I have a pair of this stamp. Then, I am offering the first stamp (first photo in this post) to be swapped or for sale.


me said...

Hi Pali

I could be wrong, but the meaning of those words are; -

Dai Nippon Postage Stamp

The word Dai means big, and the rest you can figure that our yourself.

Like you said, I too started off as postage stamps too, then coins but now, I am solely on banknotes.

Thanks for visiting my site too.

Great site you got here

me said...


I can't read Jawi, but why did you said this is Selangor and not Malaya postage stamps? Just curious.


路人 said...

what kai said is true, u do have a great site...and that many collectors started off with stamps...

it is the same with me....

i started with stamps at very young age, then to banknotes few years back, then follw by postcards join the collection...

my postcards, stamps and coins collection are not that good compared to my banknotes collection.


pali said...

Hai Kai, (is it Kai is your name?),
Thanks for the information. You gave me great information since I don't have the catalogue, it's quite expensive for me.

I'm in agreement with you. We collectors, especially me empty-pocketed one should focus on one area. For now I'm still collecting both coins and banknotes, slowly.

For the stamps above, it is Selangor stamp because it is written Selangor in Jawi,located in the bottom frame of the stamp. If you did not ask that, me until now don't realized the Jawi words at the side frames, it is spelled "Pusat dan Hasil" if I'm not mistaken. Does "Pusat dan Hasil" has something to do with the types of stamps? since I have seen "Malaysia Hasil Stamps".

Quite glad that I learned Jawi during my childhood, now it helps me a little bit in my hobby.

Thanks for the comment. Hope it'll help.

pali said...

Hai Chuayl,

Thank you for the comment. I started collecting stamps because I noticed my parents received a lot of letters with stamps. It is colourful and unique, then I cut each of stamp and start crying to ask for a stamp album. Then, later I found out my schoolmates also did collect stamps, and we start exchanging among us. But looking back at it, I collect stamps because stamps were very common those days. Nowadays I rarely see stamps on letters. Maybe someday people stop buy stamps for its original purpose? Then I will need to explain to my childrens the concept of stamps,why need stamps,how to glue stamps and why e-mail dont have stamps. hehe just wild idea

me said...

Hi Pali

Thanks for the explanation on that postage stamp.

Personally, in my opinion, collecting modern stamps is a slow and dieing hobby. If you speak to a stamps dealer today, ask him if he is interested in buying your current modern stamps collection. Most likely he will tell you no. Nowadays, just like coins, Post Office authorities come up with so many ideas to promotion this hobby since the introduction of internet. I can't remember when was the last time I posted a letter, or even a greeting card. The only time I used the post office is when I have to send banknotes to collectors, or sending a payment in bank draft for my purchases.

No matter what happen, we still need the post office services, after all, we can't send any physical items via the net yet. Perhaps one day when we can, then the Airlines business will be out of business too. Of course this won't happen during my life time.

I am not sure about postcards. But, I do not see any potential value in them, apart from looking at those beautiful views. Despite saying that, certain old postcards with multiple post marks can cost you an arm and a leg. Take for example, those post cards came out of China beginning of 1900s. In those days, certain sections of a city was occupied by certain countries, and each time when the post card went through these areas, a post mark is stamped on the card. I am award that there are serious collectors into this side of the hobby. A simple old post card with 3 or 4 difference post marks can cost you few hundred dollars, in USD too.

BTW, Pali, did you know that stamps on an envelope can be worth more that it has been removed from the envelope...LOL! Too late now.


mnfaj said...

Hi Kai,

I'm agree with you, that stamps collecting is a dieing hobby, especially on the current one. Me myself sometime feel awkward buying stamps at the post office as my collection, as I'm used to take stamps from received letters or exchange it with my friends.

Regarding the post mark that you mentioned, it is a new idea of collection to me. Still I can remember seeing someone selling post marks from variety of places in the Internet, and it looks nice too if I can collect them, putting it together in my stamps collection. Btw, only recently I know that fdc and envelopes also are collectible items. So green I am.

I think the beauty of collecting is in that we can trace and feel the path of history of the items we have collected. And by holding or possessing the collectibles, I remind myself to see back at the past. Such as the hardship and the history of one country.

Btw I'm deeply sad that not many of my friends value my hobby. They prefer to collect modern shoes or expensive gadgets.

路人 said...

regarding collecting postcard. i saw some international as well as local collectors that collect in a very special i am quite new to postcard collecting, i have no idea what its is called...

all i saw was they glued the stamps of the same topic to the postcard and cancel it...i.e.

if the scene of the postcard is about say train, so the collector will glue a stamp with train pic on the the scene of the postcard as well as the side well you write your address and its quite special in the sense that the postcard and the stamp share the same topic...

as for stamp collecting... it is a dieing hobby as not many youngster nowadays bother to buy one...they prefer PS3, Iphone etc...


mnfaj said...

hi Chuayl,
I notice the deeper we go into collecting, the more categories appear. Collectors are become more creative on their collection. For example of collecting banknotes, i never thought before that they are people who collect solid number, queen banknotes, error note, lost country note,etc etc. My first concept is just to collect banknotes of previous versions. Maybe in the future, new categories will appear, and for those who want to follow all categories, more money need to be spent. That is quite.. worrying for me. hehe

A friend of mine had said that I'm a freak because I don't have so much interest in Iphone, PS3, BB, etc..

raykang said...

what is the multiple over each total value of a block of stamp.. 4 stamps vin 1 block
please advice
i have posted in yr other blogs yesterday too

raykang said...

i have quite a few error coins fron 1935, 1910 and sone 20 too. please see the coibs at face book sbkang kang
how much v alue above the normal condition are those
i was told thggat the authorities have min ted replica coins of those rere holt old hard to get ones.. is it true
how will thgis effact the normal coin collectors
will ihe genuine coinbs be of lesser val,ue
thank u very much
awaiting for yr expert adv

mnfaj said...

Hi raykang,
I am sorry I am not familiar with stamps or philately field.

Aleph Prime said...

Hello mnfaj,

I now have the same piece of that stamp in mint condition (block of 4).

Take a look here:

I used to collect stamp when I was in school and start to forget about it over the years.

But now, I only collect "worth while" and special commemorative. It was easy when I was studying in USM, because the post office is just between hostel and lecture room, can drop by anytime.

But well, wish you happy collecting.

By the way, I have bought Malaya Japanese Pictorial stamp, except mine is not complete of 4, 8, 15 and 70 cents. Will share them online later.

Keep posting!


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