Tuesday, July 27, 2010

9. Pulau Penang Penang 1 Pice Coins 1810 1828

       This is a pair of Penang Coat of Arm Series which I bought recently from Ireland. It seems that the auto-correct features in the software makes the pictures look poor. I will replace later with pictures of better quality.

     Below is the information regarding the coins in The Encyclopedia of the Coins of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei 1400 - 1967 by Saran Singh.

photo: obverse of 1801 1 pice Penang
photo: reverse of 1801 1 pice Penang coin



Obverse: Within a beaded circle, the Arms, supporters, crest and motto of the East India Company. The shield carries the cross of St. George. The supporters are lions rampant each bearing a standard. The lions stand on a scroll inscribed with the motto "AUSPICIO REGIS ET SENATUS ANGLIAE" (Under the auspices of the King and the English Parliament). Above the shield is the crest, a lion rampant holding a crown between it's fore paws. Below the motto is the year date. Based on a design by Lewis Pingo.
Reverse: Within a beaded circle near the edge, a circular wreath of lily cups which overlap each other and run clockwise. Within the wreath the Arabic inscription " Pulau Pinang" (Island of Penang). Based on a design by Thomas Wyon.
Edge: Plain
Weight: 9.46 grammes
Diameter: 28 mm
Composition: Copper (Struck at the Royal Mint, London)
Mintage: 1827840 pieces
Varieties: SS29a - Normal date, SS29b - Dot between 18 and 10 in date (18.10), SS29c - Small stroke at bottom of second figure 1 in date due to die crack
Note: Proof coins exist in Copper and Bronze. This coin is under variety SS29a.

photo: obverse of 1828 1 pice Penang coin
photo: reverse of 1828 1 pice Penang coin

ONE CENT / ONE PICE 1828       

Obverse: Similar to 1 Pice 1810
Reverse: Similar to 1 Pice 1810
Edge: Plain
Weight: 8.94 - 9.07 grammes
Diameter: 28mm
Composition: Copper (Struck at the Madras Mint)
Mintage: 235,800 pieces
Varieties: SS31a - 21 Lily cups in wreath on reverse, SS31b - 22 Lily cups in wreath on reverse, SS31c - 23 Lily cups in wreath on reverse, SS31d - 24 Lily cups in wreath on reverse, SS31e - 26 Lily cups in wreath on reverse
Note: This coin is SS31a variety
For now I am searching for 1825 issue, do you have one ?


ELLLEANA said...

I have 1825...

mnfaj said...

Wow that is so great ELLLEANA,

is your 1825 for sale? XD

Muhammad Shah said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I have one 1825, one 1828. Don't know you are interested?
my email is: teoheming@hotmail.com. Thanks.

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