Sunday, July 25, 2010

8. Terengganu Coin Kali Malik Al Adil 1 Pitis / 1 Keping

photo: Obverse and reverse of the coin.

     Recently I bought this coin from a dealer from Indonesia. He has a lot of old Indonesian coins such as Srivijaya and Palembang sultanate coins, and this coin is among in his listing. The price of this coin is approximately just below RM60 per pieces. How can Terengganu's coin reached Indonesia? Big possibility is due to the coin being used as trade by merchants during that time.

   Below is the information regarding this coin. The obverse of the coin shows in Arabic / Jawi " Kali Malik Al Adil", means The Reign of Just Ruler. The inscription is written left to right. The reverse and edge of this coin is plain. The weight varies from 1.10g, 2.20g, and 3.80g. This coin shown here is 2.20g and 20.0mm in diameter. The diameter also varies from 17.5mm, 20.0mm and 21.5mm. The denomination is 1 Pitis or 1 Keping. It is believed that the period for this coin is from late 18th century to early 19th century. The coin was casted from parent tree money and sometime it has defects such as improper metal flow, hole, or cut mark.

     For those who are having difficulty in reading the inscription, I will try to help you by using the photo below. The yellow line represents the wordings on the coin.

photo: The inscription on the coin

     The jawi writings on the coin clearly spell Kali Malik Al Adil. But I wonder what is the meaning for the symbol "o" after the work Adil. The symbol "o" is 5 in Arabic and most of the sample in Interent has this marking.
photo: the cut mark of the coin

    From the photo above, we can see the cut mark of the coin. The cut mark usually exist and sometime the coin has a very serious cut mark due to improper cutting from its parent tree.

     The seller guaranteed to me that this is genuine coin and so far I am positive that this is a genuine one. Do you have any idea on how to diffentiate a genuine and a fake one?


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