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4. Malaya 25 Cents 1940

Image 1: Obverse

Image 2: Reverse
Country of Origin: Malaya (Now a part of Malaysia)
Denomination: 25 Cents
Prefix: D 562149
Dimension: 121mm x 79mm
Category: Emergency Issuance Note
Sign(s): L.S Corney, Chairman of Commissioners
Date(s): 1/9/1940
Printer: Survey Department Federated Malay States
Watermark: 'S' 'D' 'M'
Portrait: King George VI

      This is a banknote from Malaya which bears the value of 25 cents. It was signed by L.S Corney who was the Chairman of the Commissioners. It was designed and printed by Survey Department of Federated Malay States. The dimension is 121 mm times by 79 mm.

        The prefixes are from A to F. According to K.N Boon, prefixes C and D bear the higher value than the other siblings. This banknote is for emergency issues. According to some stories that I have read, the emergency issues were releases due to the sinkage of the ship that was supposed to transport the banknotes to Malaya. The ship was attacked by Germans. Then, new banknotes has to be released temporarily before they prepare for the 1941 new banknote series. No 25 cents denominations for 1941 series as they changed it with 20 cents and 50 cents denominations.

    Apparently this banknote is getting scarcer day by day and the price has rising up recently. I could not find myself a good quality, but yet cheap one of this banknote. So this is all I can afford for the time being. By the way, it is quite good as a filler. An uncirculated one sure can fetch a high price, such as this one.

    Personally, this is my favourite banknote. First, it is because it has value of 25 cents. It is odd value right ? And furthermore, I fancy the portrait of King George VI in this banknote. For me, it looks androidic and robotic. Quite funny, but that was probably maybe they were rushing to design this banknote, but nevertheless, this banknote is still beautiful!

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