Sunday, July 4, 2010

5. Straits Settlements 1 Dollar 1907H

Image 1: Reverse

Image 2: Obverse

Country of Origin: Straits Settlements (Now a part of Malaysia)
Date: 1907
Denomination: One Dollar
Weight: 20.21g
Edge: Milled
Dimension: Diameter of 34.33mm
Composition: 0.9 Silver
Population: 4 000 000 pieces Mintmark: 'H'
Reference: KN10b
Mint: Ralph Heaton & Sons, Birmingham
Category: Normal Circulation Coin 
Engraver: ---
Variety : ---
Grade: EF 40, cleaned coin

Showing here is a piece of 1 dollar Straits Settlements coin, dated 1907. It has silver purity of 90 percent and mintage of 4 000 000. The weight of this coin is approximately 20.21g and has diameter of 34.33mm (K.N Boon Sept 2008). The edge of the coin is milled. 

        Image 3: the mint marks of the coin

         It is quite interesting to see that this quote has two mint marks. In the black boxes above, you can see an "H" and "DES" below the neck of King Edward VII. The "H" is for Ralph Heaton & Sons, Birmingham mint while the "DES" stands for its engraver and designer, George DeSaulles.

    Extra information from, showing in the coin are the Imperial Crown and the Ermine Robe of State, the Collar of the Most Honorable Order of the Bath, wore by the effigy of the King Edward VII.

    I am not sure about the grading of my coin here. Can someone out there grade it for me as I am quite new in this hobby? 1 dollar series of Straits Settlements is my favourite series because it is big (big means value), shiny (shiny means value too) and beautiful, especially for the obverse part. I just like the flora motif and multi languages used in this coin.



nuchatter said...

Hello fadzly,
I hope you don't mind me grading this coin.
Obvious wear on face and ceremonial decorative buttons,shoulder and the ear. Circulation scratches on neck and vest.My personal grading, EF-40 is quite safe for this coin.

mnfaj said...

Hello Nu,
Yes I don't mind, in fact I would like to thank you for grading this coin.

Thank you so much for the grade. An EF grade would be a real pleasure for me as I am on limited budget for my hobby, thus I don't mind even a VF grade for my collection.

ajamus said...

Hi guys,

I got one collection of this coin urgently for sale. Anybody interested please email me at


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