Sunday, July 18, 2010

7. Israel 20 New Sheqalim 2008

       I was quite busy lately as I am entering new semester for my study. Four years is a really short time if you are university student, and now I am entering the final year.

    On my way to my hometown, I stole some time to pay a visit to Steven Tan's shop at Pertama Complex. Well, my first objective is to buy the new guidebook, as now I am still using K.N Boon's, which are not very accurate and reliable. Unfortunately, the catalog will be released next month, so I just buy anything below fifty, just not to walk empty-handed.

   So my catch of today (16th JULY 2010) are only a piece of banknote from Israel and a Sarawak coin.

    Showing here is the Israel New Sheqalim, face-valued at 20 New Sheqalim. I am not collecting Israel's banknote, but still I bought it for study and general collection purposes.

    My first perceptions of this banknote are, the person in the obverse of the banknote is Albert Einstein. (Which is false when I googled about it). And the second one is, this banknote is encrypted and for sure, high in technology. You know it when you touch the banknote with your finger.

    Do you have Israel banknotes in your collection?



MGMSabri said...

Salam pali...
sab x pasti lak rm2 uncut ni semua replacement atau x.
yg sab beli ni harganya rm140.
beli kat mr.shukaikusa.
dlm mudah harga cecah rm200 dan ke atas.
rm2 uncut nih agak mahal.
rm1 uncut juga mahal.
rm5 uncut 3in1 je murah...rm50 je.

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