Wednesday, March 9, 2011

72. Malaysia 10 sen 2006 Error Major Die Break

image 1: reverse and obverse of the coin

    Just bought this coin because I thought this was lamination error. But then after I recheck it back, it seems that the error is more close to a large cud. What's the term for extra large cud? Please somebody help me.

   Okay I was wrong. This is far from lamination error, and the term to call it is large cud, due to major die break. Cheers!


nuchatter said...

Yours is a major die break (cud) that extends into the devices and obvious weakened corresponding area at 10 o'clock on the obverse.
Nice !

Anonymous said...

Ya, agree with Nu.
Still is a nice variety :)

mnfaj said...

nu and whycollect, Thanks for the visit.

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