Thursday, April 28, 2011

88. Tanah Melayu 1 Keping

image 1: obverse and reverse of the coin

Origin: Tanah Melayu ( Land of the Malays, now a part of Malaysia)
Date: 1835/1836 
Denomination: One Keping / Satu Keping / 1 Keping
Weight: 2.26g
Edge: plain
Dimension: Diameter of 21mm
Composition: Copper
Population: unknown  
Mintmark: ---
Reference: SS 60, P.49
Mint: -
Category: Singapore Merchant Coins 
Engraver: ---
Variety : --- 
Grade: ---

image 2: extract from reference

       One of my target in my collection is to complete the Singapore Merchant Coins series. Among all, this particular piece is one of my primary target. Praise to God finally I managed to acquire this coin at a very affordable price. Even the condition is not very appealing, but again quality is not my major concern. Indulgence is.

   By the way, do you know where is Tanah Melayu supposed to be? or where was Tanah Melayu in 1835/1836?


Anonymous said...

Hi, was looking through your blog in hopes of being able to identify a merchant coin that was found during a dig. Unfortunately, only the "Satu Keping" side is visible and the other side is too corroded to establish properly its origin. In any case, I thought I'd offer an answer to your question. Generally speaking, Tanah Melayu has always been (and still is)the reference for the Malay Peninsula (i.e. today's West Malaysia). It is more of a geographical term than one which defines political boundaries, so regardless of which British-ruled or non-British ruled negeri (states) existed at that point in 1835, the peninsula landmass is still referred to as Tanah Melayu. (I'm from this part of the world, actually).

Hope this helps.

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