Wednesday, April 27, 2011

87. Malaysia 20 Sen 1977 Rim-To-Rim Die Crack Error

image 1: obverse and reverse of the coin
    This is a major rim-to-rim die crack error coin, or can I use term multi rim-to-rim die crack error coin to this specimen? Interestingly the crack lines separate the reverse of the coin almost at the same area.

   For any mechanical engineering students out there, perhaps you are aware that failures are mostly happen at the area which has the stress concentration factors on it. So in attempt to analyse this specimen with my little knowledge, the crack initiation of the die might start along the tail of number "2", because it is located near the center of the  coin, which experienced the highest stress and pressure during striking stage. The crack grew along the tail to the rim at 8 o'clock and for some reason it splits into two crack lines, most probably to distribute the pressure and also to facilitate the other crack line that passed through the alphabet "Y" at 1 o'clock of the reverse.



Anonymous said...

This must be a rara ah ah ah, gaga oh la la coin, haha.
Nice RTR die crack, mnfaj.
Thanks a lot for sharing :)

nuchatter said...

You may now name it MRT if you want.

mnfaj said...

Thanks whycollect,

dear nu, may i know what MRT stands for? Thanks. I know that there is more appropriate term for this kind of error, maybe you would share with us?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nu,
Maybe its meant for MRT with two routes only.
Like that, sure go bankrupt la, haha.

Anonymous said...

Hi mnfaj,
Jokes aside, we find your specimen here really interesting.
Thanks a lot for sharing, mnfaj :)

mnfaj said...

hahaha ya I thought about that MRT too, but maybe there is ahaaha now i realized I just dont get that joke at that time hehe

mnfaj said...

Dear whycollect,
Ya thanks, this specimen was found by a friend of mine. Believe it or not, this coin is circulated! At least I think from 1977, how many years it survived before finally rest peacefully in my collection. I guess this is a total luck then, for my friend and myself

Dickson Niew said...

Dear mnfaj,Very interesting RTRs Die Crack errors.
Is MRT/Putra routes=MRT:Kelana Jaya-Sentra-Taman Melati and Putra:Sentra-Bukit Bintang. Happy journey!!

Anonymous said...

aku rasa ini jenis "Shattered Die" (Pie Shaped Shattered), dalam kategori Die Crack dehhh.

mnfaj said...

Hi Dickson,
Thank you. A highway on a coin. :D

Hi CM,
Terima kasih atas hint itu. Saya rasa betul lah apa yang saudara perkatakan itu. Mungkin saya perlu lebih belajar pasal subkategori error jenis ini. :D

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