Friday, April 15, 2011

81. Malaysia Included Gas Bubble Planchet 1 sen 1996

image 1: obverse and reverse of the coin

    Another error coin!

    This error is under the category of damaged and defective planchets. According to, they are two types of bubble-related planchet error, Bubled Plating Planchet and Included Gas Bubble Planchet. Still not sure which one is precisely described this coin.

     In my opinion, this type of error, the bubble which can be seen on the obverse of the coin is caused by improper planchets making during its manufacturing process. When the striking occurs onto the planchet, probably the temperature of the planchet is increased, hence making the gas entrapped inside the planchet exploded. The high increase in pressure and temperature during the striking process or just right after the striking process, damaged the planchet, which act as a vessel for the gas. Just a wild hypothesis though.

    By the way, am I right?


Anonymous said...

Arg, sure looks ugly, haha.
Got a number of these, but not even one as ugly as yours, haha.
Probably, in respect of error coins, the uglier the better?
Thanks alot for sharing, mnfaj :)

My-Way said...

mnfaj, you may right and i'm not very sure of this. It may rite or some chemical reaction on it..just my guess

nuchatter said...

Falls under damaged/defective planchet > melting errors > gas bubble planchets.
Accordingly, for these planchets, gases from the melting of the alloy become trapped and later producing bubbles in the planchet not gases trapped during the striking stage.

mnfaj said...

whycollect: ya the uglier the coin, the rare the coin is, I suppose. Haha.

My-Way: Ya it could be a reason between this.

nuchatter: Owh thank you for correcting me. I'm hoping to see the process of manufacturing the planchets live and handpicked the damaged planchet myself. hehe

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