Friday, April 15, 2011

82. Malaysia 10 Sen 1981 Rotated Die Error

image 1: obverse and reverse of the coin

image 2: obverse of the coin, compared to the normal one on the right side

image 3: the degree of rotation
  This is a rotated die error coin, approximately 135 degree rotation clockwise.
  Rotated die error happens when one of the dies was being improperly installed. This type of error coin is the among the most challenging to be spotted because you need to flip over each coin in order to discover it. In fact, I did not search for rotated die error coins but fortunately I found this by luck.

   The highest degree of rotation should be 180 degree and this should be the most desired for this rotated die error coin. In my opinion, do not buy this type of coin in the market (unless they are too cheap) but find them yourself in your piggy banks! Surely the enjoyment is not the same as buying it.


nuchatter said...

Most desirable rotated position 135-180 deg.@ rarity 5-6.

Yours at 130-135 deg and perfect for this error.

Category locations: Striking varieties/error > Misaligned & rotated strike > Rotated die strike.
Major error at 180 deg.
Superb find!

Anonymous said...

Hi mnfaj,
Good find.
Keep searching and eventually you may be able to get a 180 deg specimen.
We tried, and succeeded.
Happy hunting :D

mnfaj said...

nu and whycollect,
thanks! now i am looking for the 180 degree rotation, I know there are some being circulated around me. hehe

Anonymous said...

Hi mnfaj,
Try those 2000 20sen coins.
Good Luck :D

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