Thursday, April 14, 2011

79. British North Borneo One Cent Coins 1904 - 1941 H

image 2: obverse and reverse of 1935

image 1: obverse and reverse of 1938

Country of Origin: British North Borneo (Now a state, part of Malaysia, known as Sabah)
Date: 1935, 1938
Denomination: 1 Cent
Weight: 3.23g
Edge: Plain
Dimension: Diameter of 20.0mm
Composition: Copper Nickel
Population: 1m pieces for 1935 and 1m pieces for 1938
Reference: KN3c , KN3d
Mint: Heaton Mint
Category: Normal Circulation Coin

Both in poor grades, but still okay for me as I am looking to complete the years and looking for cheap coins! Still missing 1904, 1921 and 1941. Each coin costs me less than RM10.


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