Friday, October 29, 2010

38. Straits Settlements 1935 1 Dollar


Country of Origin: Straits Settlements (Now a part of Malaysia and Singapore)

Year: 1935
Denomination: 1 Dollar
Prefixes: K/67 94669 K/32 24483
Dimension: 125mm x 64 mm
References: K.N Boon B20e
Category: Normal Circulation Note
Sign(s): Rex Curral
Vignette/Portrait: King Edward

Watermark(s): a tiger head at the left of obverse

       Again my pair of 1 Dollar from Straits Settlements, both bearing date of 1 January 1935. These notes are not really scarce, especially for poor grades. Issued in 5 different years, namely 1931 to 1935, these notes have 2 different signatures and 5 different dates. A real challenge to complete all the varieties! Especially the other dates except 1935 are really scarce!



Jay said...

Now one of these is exactly what is missing from my collection ;]

Anonymous said...

I only have the 1st and the last, 1931 and 1935...the rest is still....


mnfaj said...

Jay: this note is still easy to obtain, but for an ef condition still I can't afford to buy it

chua: then happy hunting for you! =)

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