Wednesday, October 6, 2010

26. FOR SALE - Malaysia 2nd Series Sepuluh Ringgit Replacement Note Z/4

      I am not so into replacement notes but until now I still can't believe that I own this piece of rare replacement note. Due to some catalogues that I referred, this note commands the highest price among all replacement notes, together with Z/1 first series Sa-Puloh Malaysia note.

    Due to those who are more knowledgeable in this hobby, this note is being considered the second rarest of Malaysia Replacement Notes. At least 34,902 pieces of this note was printed, is it the print quantity that makes this note rare?

    Owning a Z/4 is something odd for collector like me who do not have even a single of her other siblings, namely Z/1, Z/2 and Z/3. 

      Thus I decided to let this note go for those who are still searching for this last Z-series to complete their replacement note collection. Anyone interested can contact me by email or by sms to 013-7141165.

   What grade can I give to this note? I'm thinking of aVF.

   Update. This note is sold already. =)


nuchatter said...

Nice endangered note you have here. Cheers!

mnfaj said...


I have been on dilemma whether to keep it or to let it go. hehe

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