Wednesday, October 20, 2010

33. My Blogspot Sale Page

Hello everybody.

Are you into collecting coins/banknotes or numismatic? or you just started to jump yourself in into this weird world?

Now I think I want to play my part into promoting this hobby to everybody else. Hence, here and now I am launching my own sale page, named after me of course, MNFAJ SALE PAGE. heheh. Above is my sale page's banner/logo/whateveryoucalledit, also designed by me in approximately 30 seconds using Microsoft Paint.

Items on this page are purely not for profits, but only as a means to help you with your collection, that's why most of the items are very cheap and sadly, not in a very good conditions. I am also looking for possible connections with fellow collectors, then later when I rich maybe I can start selling seriously. How about investing RM2million first? hehe jk.

How to access this page? Everytime you log in into this blog, click at the logo, then ttaadda. Currently 14 items are on sale, and more are coming!!

Check it out.!!

footnote: I think I am bad at advertising -_-'


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