Tuesday, October 26, 2010

36. Malaya Japanese Invasion Money ( JIM ) 100 Dollars Rubber Tapper Design

Country of Origin: Malaya (Now known as Malaysia)
Denomination: 100 Dollars
Dimension: 171mm x 81mm
Reference: ST B9a
Category: Japanese Invasion Money (JIM) Notes
Watermark(s): None

Design & Print: Unknown, possibly by The Sounthern Development Bank or Japanese Military
Extra Note: - 

    This is my collection of Malaya JIM note 100 Dollars Rubber-tapper design. This design is a little bit harder to find compare to the usual Village design of 100 dollars Malaya JIM notes. This note is in uncirculated grade with yellow foxing. 

     It is being catalogued that there are two varieties of this note which are the one with whole block letters in red "MA" and whole block letters in black "MA". The latter is valued tenfold of the former by ST. 

    Why there are two designs of 100 dollars? I think this notes were never put into circulation because I am yet to see a circulated one, quite weird for old notes.


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Nice mint condition note you've got here.
Keep it up.

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