Wednesday, October 13, 2010

29. Malaya 50 Cents 1941

Country of Origin: Malaya (Now a part of Malaysia)Year: 1941
Denomination: 50 Cents
Prefixes: A/27 957979
Dimension: 120mm x 80 mm
Category: Normal Circulation Notes
Sign(s): Chairman of the Commissioners, H. Weisberg
Vignette/Portrait: King George VI
Design & Print: Thomas de la Rue & CoWatermarks: no watermarksExtra Note: Variety of B10c according to K.N Boon (2008)

       Hi and good morning to all collectors out there. I want to share my own collection of 50 cents note from Malaya.

    Due to some unknown reasons, there are many varieties of this note. The most obvious one is with the jawi letters on the bottom left of the obverse of the note. Only one of the four varieties includes an alif after mim in the lima spelling. Big chance is that the engraver just realised that the spelling was wrong. He or she sure was a meticulous person. Unfortunately my baby here is among the variety which gives lowest value. Now I am on a mission to complete all four varieties.

    I personally adore our old notes rather than the current one (specifically the newest RM50). They are so rich with details and design compare to the current notes. Try clicking on my images above, hardly we can see any large empty spot. Do you like our current notes' design?


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