Monday, October 25, 2010

35. Enough with money! Now let's us study flower.. err. FLOWER?

    Ops. Sorry again, images of coins. But don't fret, I'm keeping my promise. For this post we shall study about flower. heheh

     Do you know what kind of flower on our current coins? The flower on the coins is Hibiscus rosasinensis, also famously known to the local as Bunga Raya. Bunga Raya was declared as Malaysia's National Flower on 26th JULY 1960 by our first Prime Minister, Tuanku Abdul Rahman Al-Haj. Bunga Raya was chosen from quite a lot of competitors from other flowers such as Bunga Cempaka, Bunga Kenanga, Bunga Mawar, Bunga Teratai, Bunga Tanjung and Bunga Melur because due to its appealing appearance, bright colors and also the commonly 5 petals which also symbolizes The 5 Rukun Negara of Malaysia.

     And recently when I went through my piggy bank to check for Malaysia 1971 10 Sen, I noticed different patterns of flower in this set of 50 cents. Apparently the flower is getting prettier year after year!

of year 2000

of year 2002
of year 2007

See differents on those flowers? I suspect one of the coins is fake, but can't make sure which one it is. Someone who has expertise in flowers help me?


Anonymous said...

Hi mnfaj,
Nice pics here.
Ya, we noticed the various varieties on the Parliament House and the current series too.
Haha, just like you, hope someone can come up with a complete list of all the varieties.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at 20 sen 2007 coins. Got 2 Bunga Raya varieties.

mnfaj said...

Thanks, but still I am hoping for a DSLR camera to capture images of my coin. Maybe I can spot a tiny dot on an extra dot. Maybe everybody is waiting for someone to compile up the varieties, then for sure certain varieties will be put as rare, and we collectors need to spend big $$$ again. =(

yes I have spotted it too, and it is the same with 10 sen and 5 sen and maybe 1 sen.

I start to think that collecting coins is more fun and exciting than collecting banknotes because there are more varieties and error types. Start checking your coins now! XD

Anonymous said...

Hi mnfaj,
Please log into
This is a fine example of clubs specializing in a type of variety.
Have fun.

mnfaj said...

thanks whycollect,
it seems to me that the level of their discussion is beyond my level, i barely can understand any part of analysis done by them. Even it took me a long time to detect that there is an error on the coins shown by them

Anonymous said...

Ya, we all too, mnfaj,
We are still learning from these specialists.
Believe if we read a lot esp articles by these ppl, our knowledge will improve.
And also feel that the interest among collectors on errors coins over here is still very low compared to countries like US, Australia, Canada and UK.
Well, guess now is the best opportunity to collect them. Adopting a contrarian approach haha.
Happy collecting.

mnfaj said...

I read on my hobby more than I read for my study. That's quite worrying for me. Well I'm more keen to add knowledge on my hobby rather than just collecting for the sake of collecting, which I hope everyone does too.

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