Saturday, October 16, 2010

30. Straits Settlements Emergency Issues 10 Cents

1st Note

2nd Note

Country of Origin: Straits Settlements
Denomination: Ten Cents
Prefixes: A/8 58991  A/8 20364
Dimension: 118mm x 74mm
Reference: Pick .6c
Category: Emergency Issue Notes

Date: Unknown / 25/2/1920
Sign(s): Treasurer of Straits Settlements, A.M Pountney
Watermark(s): None

Design & Print: Government Survey Office, Kuala Lumpur, Federated of Malay States
Extra Note: Printed on cardboard paper

        These are my pair of A/8 notes of Straits Settlements, both on poor grades. This issuance is called emergency issue because due to shortage of subsidiary coinage in the latter part of World War 1. These low value notes, signed by Treasurer and Acting Treasurer were issued between 1917 to 1920. Interestingly, the date of issuance was printed on the back of each notes, making this issue has a lot of dates variety, another burden to us collector.

      The front of the note feature the British Royal Arms with the main inscription "The Government of the Straits Settlements Promise to pay the bearer on demand at Singapore Ten Cents Local Currency for value received" below it. The value of Ten Cents was printed in languages of Jawi, Tamil, Chinese and English at the four corners withing the double borders.

      Bearing the Treasurer's sign, and plus poor grades, I acquired these notes for a very cheap price. Obviously the one with Acting Treasurer's sign and better grades requires more $$, and in my case, more more luck.

   I personally like the combination colors of green and yellow in this note. I wish I can possess an uncirculated piece of this note to more appreciate its beauty. A perfect birthday gift for me perhaps?



Jay said...

I always wondered what the world would be like if we didnt have coins. For example this banknote, its worth 10 Cents. When I think of cents I automatically think of coins, yet banknotes were used throughout the world for a while as denominations of now coins.

MGMSabri said...

kalo lah sab dpt hadiah bufday duit lama mcm ni, gembiranya hati.
hehehe...msh belum ada 10cent emergency ni.

mnfaj said...

To Jay,
To me if we didnt have coins,we cant recognize the sound of coins falling to the floor, which is for me, is lovely. Malaysia even had had a banknote of denomination 1 cent!

To Sab,
hehe tu lah, masih menunggu hadiah pertama untuk koleksi.. setakat ini tiada siapa yg sudi menghadiahkan..

Anonymous said...

my mum ada one of the above.. wonder how much agaknya harga.. :)


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