Thursday, October 13, 2011


image 1: obverse and reverse of the coin 1
image 2: inscriptions on the coin 1

image 3: obverse and reverse of coin 2

image 4: inscriptions on the coin 2

image 4: 

These are my favourite Johor Katun coins.

I find being able to read and write in Jawi is an advantage in collecting Malay Sultanate Coins. My friend, En. Nasser even has been able to read some Chinese characters in his Chinese Cash Coins collection.

If some Katun coins are not quite interesting as they are plain, these are not. Some Arabic letterings were placed in unusual manners. This could be a form of calligraphy or old spellings. The Jawi which I rewrote in image 4 are according to current standard writings.

Category Coin > Malay Sultanate Coin > Johor
Country Of Origin Johore (Now a state, a part of Malaysia)
Date Unknown
Grade -
Denomination One Katun
Shape Round
Weight 0.90g each (0.91g from SS)
Diameter 19mm each (12mm to 15mm from SS)
Thickness -
Composition Tin
Population Unknown
Reference SS24
Mint -
Category Normal Circulation Coinage
Demonetized Yes
Engraver/Designer -
Variety Unknown
Edge Plain
Obverse In Jawi, "Al Adil" (the Just) stamped on a bar.
Reverse In Jawi, "Sultan" (Ruler) circled by a line
Edge Plain
Extra Note


Niewmismatic Error Coins said...

Thank you so much for rewrote the Jawi of "Al Adil" and "Sultan",something for me to remember by hard!
Keep up your good work promoting Malay States tin coins.

mnfaj said...

You are most welcome, Dickson.
You can even save my images here, and put in you PDA/iPhone/smartphone for your conveniences! :D

Niewmismatic Error Coins said...

Thank you Bro for the permission!

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