Sunday, October 2, 2011

154. Singapore merchant coin fighting cock series dua keping 1831

image 1: obverse and reverse of the coin

  Another addition into my Singapore Merchant Coin collection. She was badly circulated it seems. The only two keping of the fighting cock series.

Category Coin > Singapore Merchant Coin
Country Of Origin Malaysia / Indonesia / Singapore
Date 1831 
Grade G
Denomination One Pitis / One Keping
Shape Round
Weight 4.27g average from SS
Diameter 23mm - 30mm from SS
Thickness -
Composition Copper
Population 714,085
Reference SS24, P.18
Mint Soho Mint, Birmingham
Category Normal Circulation Coinage
Demonetized Yes
Engraver/Designer -
Designer's Initial -
Mint Mark -
Variety -
Edge Plain
Obverse A spurred fighting cock facing right, In Jawi, "Tanah Melayu" (Land of the Malays). Last two tail feathers of the cock are crossed.
Reverse In Jawi, "Dua Keping 1247" (Two Keping 1247 = 1831)
Extra Note Rarity level indicated by Saran Singh is R out of RRRR a


Anonymous said...

Arg, regretted didn't go into these token during the early years.
Nowadays the high grade ones are so difficult to get.
Keep it up, mnfaj ;)

mnfaj said...

whycollect, sometime I wish I can turn back the time, so I can go back and buy whatever notes and coins at much cheaper prices. Just for collection not for profit. Haha

Dickson Niew said...

Look around harder,there are still avaiable!
l wish more collectors will pay attention to Malay Tin Coins and Malay State Coins like mnfaj,as they are very rich with history,Malay cultures,economy and politic of Malaya.
Young collectors are interested only on solid numbers,radar numbers,ladder numbers,low numbers,special on and so forth.
Why not try to study the tampang, bidor, jokoh, pitis,katuns,keping,duit emas etc.And they are inexpensive compare to special numbers banknotes!
mnfaj,keep up your good work!

lunaticg said...

Kena rajin pergi flea market, banyak tu dorang jual ayam. Hihihihi....

Tapi coin ni mmg kurang collector berminat macam error coin juga. Cuma sampai skrg semua collection saya takde yg cantik utk ini. ["~]

mnfaj said...

I will look around harder! It is quite fun to go for these coin as there are lot of varieties of these coins and they are relatively inexpensive. Little demand too, so can bargain kaw-kaw. Haha.
Thank you for your suggestion. As for me, I never had any interest for any pattern of numbers. Thank you for your encouragement! :D

mnfaj said...

itu ayam lain. haha

itulah, yang cantik amat sukar didapati, dan jika ada, sangat mahal. :(

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